Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Opening Night

Well, it's official!  The 2011 soccer season kicked off tonight in Kingston! And judging from all the smiling faces on the field, it's going to be a good one!

Here are Elliot and Zoe's brand new cleats.  They look fast don't they?  I love when kids put on new sneakers and exclaim: "Ooh, these are fast sneakers!".  It's hilarious!  I think Zoe is finally past that stage because she only seems concerned with how expensive they are  . . .  tee hee!  Poor Avery is forever stuck with hand-me-downs.  Being the baby is so tough!

What a cute bunch of kids!

So, words are my thing, and pictures are not.  I totally mismanaged the lighting in this next photo, but it is very cool.

This is Avery kicking the ball!  I love how it looks like the ball is resting on the tip of cleats.  Perhaps it is, and he is just that talented!

Move over David Beckham, there are some new soccer stars in town!

The key to being a good soccer player and scoring lots of goals is never taking your eyes off the ball, and hoping that your opponent does . . . tee hee!

Lucky #4!

Is this highland dancing or soccer . . . tee hee

"I'm open over here!"

Tonight was Zoe's first night of coaching, and I think she was a big hit with our U6's.

She is such a natural when it comes to kids!  Each one of those kids left with a smile on their face and felt that they were special in some way.  She is going to be an awesome mama someday!

Since it was opening night, we ended with a brief awards ceremony and a few games to give the kids a chance to win some prizes.

Here are Zoe and Scott, with their proud mamas, receiving their trophies for being named Subway's Player of the Year for our 2011 Winter Program.  And no, Hilary and Emily, I did not take ownership of the plaque, but rather I was asked to hold it.   Sheesh!

Avery held this position the longest with another U8 player to win some cool prizes.

He is such a nut!

What a perfect evening!  The sun was shining, and we were hanging at the soccer field with our buddies.  I can't wait for summer!

p.s Elliot has his first game of the season tomorrow night.  Woohoo!  Let's go Kingston!

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