Friday, 20 May 2011

Unicorn Boy

Hooray for long weekends!  And what a weekend it is going to be.  At about 6pm this evening, seven little boys will be embarking upon my house for one wild and crazy sleepover. The very same boys, who I found dancing on my kitchen table at Elliot's last birthday. Great kids, just no self-control.  Hmm, I think I may know another three just like that.  I usually don't do themed parties because I am really not that organized or creative, but Elliot desperately wanted to have a "camping" party.  Unfortunately, though, with all the miserable weather we have had lately, I had to put a kybosh to those plans.  Then my dear hubby came to the rescue and suggested we set up the tent in the family room so it will feel like the boys are camping.  Elliot was ecstatic!  In his words, "this is going to be the best birthday party ever!".  Please keep our family in your prayers.

And in other news, yesterday, was an awesome day.  I love it when the kids have a short week of school and all our usual evening routines can fall to the wayside.  No piano practice, no homework, no set bedtime, and by some divine miracle, no extracurricular commitments.  It is on these days when I can pat myself on the back and say "Krista, you rock!" Unfortunately, when trying to accomplish all of the above-mentioned tasks within a reasonable time span so that my children can actually get some sleep, I tend to lose my cool.  A lot!  Patience is a virtue that I have to work on.  But not last night, and my good mama moments far outweighed the not-so-good ones.  But who is counting, right?

Yesterday, after the children enjoyed some screen-time, we headed outside in the beautiful sunshine and the balmy breezes wearing SHORTS. I could not believe it!  Woohoo!!  Spring is finally here! We also took our houseguests, Mary and Zelda, out to enjoy this wonderful weather. Although they enjoyed the sun, they were not so keen on the big orange fella who kept circling their cage and barking.

big orange fella

Our  neighbour's guinea pigs, Mary and Zelda

After the kids road their bikes for a bit, and generally drove me crazy with their whining about the black flies, I put them to work and we began our combat manouevers against our family's arch-nemesis, Japanese Knotweed. 

just some of the knotweed found on my yard

These lovely bushes are one of the world's most evasive weeds.  They grow up to eight feet tall and quickly take over the neighbourhood  leaving nothing in their wake.  They laugh in the face of fire, lawn mowers and shovels.  They drink in "Round Up" like it is a nectar from the gods.  When the Lord said to Adam, after he and Eve ate from the forbidden tree, "cursed is the ground for thy sake" (Genesis 3:17), yeah, this is what he was talking about.  Oh, what are we to do?  Well, we have three options.  Option A involves a $7000 payment to your friendly local weed man, who will make no guarantees that the abominable plant will not return.  Option B is a multi-year plan of tarping and continual cutting back in the hopes that you will eventually "starve" your unwanted houseguest (I assure you, not Mary and Zelda). Option C is to buy a goat.  Remember "The Vision"?  I guess goats love to eat knotweed, and for me, this is a no-brainer, but Mr. Level-Headed is still waiting to taste his homegrown veggie.  So SURPRISE!  We went with Option B, which means every Spring, four Websters and one Skov, armed with spades, hockey sticks (for knocking down the tall stalks), rocks, and tarps wage war against their enemy.  One of these days, we will gain the upper hand.  We will taste victory!

the tarps

what my yard can look like
Back to "good mama moments".  I love when the children and I work together, especially when we are outdoors.  I feel like I am teaching them a valuable lesson about teamwork and living by the sweat of your brow.  Eventually they do grow tired of whining, and we can enjoy the quiet bliss of working side-by-side with a common goal. Insert pat on the back here.

Later on, as I was helping Zoe curl her hair, we had a great mother-daughter chat.  Being thirteeen is tough, and I think we can all remember the hell that was middle school (or Junior High back in the day).  Thankfully, Zoe is a level-headed kid.  I wonder where she gets this from?  She knows who she is and what she stands for.  She has amazing friends and lots of interests, but she finds the pressure to "fit in" is becoming greater.  So, the next time you see my little girl, or another young teen whom you care for, give them a hug and tell them you are proud of them.  Remind them of just how awesome they are and that you love them.  The world they live in is much tougher than ours, and I fear that we adults often forget this and don't always give them the credit they deserve.  Insert second pat on the back here.

With all the freedom that came from having no school the next day, we were able to have Family Home Evening.  Family Home Evening is one night in the week that is reserved for families to come together for a brief gospel lesson, to share a yummy treat, and to enjoy an activity together.  Our church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (GASP! She is a Mormon!), encourages families to hold these evenings weekly because, as many of you know, life is extremely busy and we need to take time to enjoy our families.  In the words of one of our Church leaders, "although family home evening usually becomes just a fight between two prayers", it is important and will have a lasting impact on your family.  So last night, we enjoyed a large pizza cookie, shared what we love about Elliot, since it was his special day, and watched "The Incredible Hulk 2", at the birthday boy's request.  The most touching moment of the evening was when Avery, who was too shy to share his compliment out loud asked me to do it for him, whispered "because Elliot is the bestest brother ever".  To which Miss Smarty-Pants, Zoe, exclaimed "he is your only brother!".  Like I said, a fight between two prayers, BUT worth every minute.  You should try it with your family!  Insert third pat on back here.  

Finally, our evening was coming to a close.  We had a our family prayer, and as we kissed the boys goodnight.  Avery started to think of names for the giant pink, sparkly unicorn he won in school that day. I guess they had an "act of kindness" contest in his class, where each time the kids performed an act of kindness their name was thrown into a jar. Well, yesterday was the big day and Avery's name was chosen.  So, he came home, on the bus filled with both elementary and middle school kids mind you, proudly carrying this:


At first, he thought Fuzzy would be a suitable name. Nah, too common.  So I suggested Corny because of unicorn, get it?  But that was too "corny". 
"I've got it", squealed Avery, "Horny!".
Well as you can imagine a fit of giggles erupted from Zoe. 
"What's so funny?" asked Avery. "What does horny mean?".
Mr.Level-Headed, at this time, got up from his chair, strolled to the door, and said "ask your mom".
"Ummmmmm!  It means nothing.  It's just a really stupid name.  Good night, Avery!" as I scurried out the door.
No need for a fourth pat on the back.  Leave it to Avery to deny me a good mama moment. 
Tee hee!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Tell Avery I am jealous that he is the owner of such a fantastic pink unicorn! I totally need one for my home :)

  2. So I am reading your blog from work because it is soooo dead here (probably all the lucky people have packed up and gone away for the long weekend)and I have to say thanks for making my day. Your family is so hilarious! I'm reading and laughing and I'm sure everyone is wondering why!! Tell Zoe she is a gem and I so appreciate how mature she is and her quiet confidence is inspiring. You really should get a goat-they are awesome pets! Your kids would love it. We had many a goat when we lived in Truro and had our farm.