Tuesday, 24 May 2011

A Recipe for the Perfect Long Weekend

Have I mentioned that I LOVE long weekends?  Well, I do, and this one in particular was extraordinary!

First, we kicked it off with one wild and crazy sleepover party.  The boys were to arrive at 6pm, and at 6:10 I was on the ferry eating some of the garlic cheese fingers I had just bought and soaking in the delicious smell of take-out pizza.  I basked in the solitude of my drive home knowing that I may not have another moment like this for at least the next 15 hours. (but whose counting anyway?)  Suddenly my phone buzzed, and I saw the following text from my hubby:
"Let the wild rumpus begin!"  (I just love it when he quotes my favourite books!) 

And oh, what a wild rumpus it was!  They wrestled, they had sword fights (my poor badminton rackets did not survive the evening), they played "Capture the Flag,  they played "Flashlight Tag", and they even went on a bear hunt armed with baseball bats.  I think it is pretty safe to say that with all the ruckus they were making, no living creature was sticking around our yard.  In fact, poor Scouty stayed up on the deck the entire time because even he, who is always up for shenanigans, was frightened.
After the boys watched a movie, the nasty mom (yes, that would be), sat on the basement stairs encouraging them to settle down and go to sleep.  I had to laugh when I heard one of the boys in the tent whisper "doesn't she realize this is sleepover and we don't plan on sleeping".  Tee hee!  After hearing lots of fake snoring and both fake and not-so-fake farts, I told the boys that if they didn't settle down I was going to crawl into the tent and sleep with them.  Well, this struck fear into them, and I did not hear another peep from them until morning.  I must say, they really are great kids and I think by next year I should be ready for another sleepover.  Well, maybe!
After all the Wild Things went home, the rest of the day was spent playing soccer, taking naps, and watching movies.  Aaahh!  A perfect Saturday.

When Sunday morning rolled around, we headed out to church in the wet, cold fog but, by the time we were finished, the clouds had cleared and the sun was shining.  Hallelujah! 

After lunch and my customary Sunday nap, the kids and I went outside to enjoy the sunshine and do some of our favourite things:

1. Riding bikes

2. Taking Scouty down to the river to fetch sticks in the water:

I love it when Scouty feels the need to shake off right beside me!

3. Searching for sea monsters:

4. Preparing an ambush of water guns and water balloons for unsuspecting grandparents.  WHAT?!  

Take this as a warning: My boys LOVE to set up ambushes for our visitors. Does it really surprise you?  In the winter, their weapon of choice tends to be snowballs and in the summer, water bombs.  There also was that time I caught them peeing in buckets just before Grandpapa Skov was due to arrive at our house.  I don't think I need to explain what their plan was or that it was foiled once their mama caught them.  Yeah, this is how my boys' brains work.  I kid you not!!

Once the grandparents did arrive and managed to avoid the water ambush due to a lack of patience on their grandsons' part, we had our third celebration for Elliot's birthday.  A bit much?  I think so, but he is worth it!


The name is Webster, Elliot Webster.

When asked by Grandpapa Skov what he would like for his birthday, Elliot answered: "Violence!  Anything with violence!".  I kid you not!  So, he was very pleased to receive a Wii Star Wars game, an army action figure set complete with an entire arsenal of death, and a Nerf gun.  I just pray that when he grows up he will use his genius for good!

So, this sounds like a pretty jam-packed weekend of fun right?  Well, it isn't over yet!  That's right.  It's a long weekend, baby, and we are on a roll!

On Monday morning, after doing the happy dance because I did not have to pack any lunches, I checked my facebook page and found the most wonderful posting from our most fabulous cousins.  I should tell you here that I use the term cousin very loosely.  If you are a cousin of anyone in my family, or married to a cousin, or are the child of a cousin, then you are my cousin.  Nicki, who is married to Derrick's cousin, Adam, and hence is now my cousin, posted that she was at the cottage, which happens to be just up the road from us, and was looking for visitors to drop by and to have breakfast with.  Hello?!  I promise I do not make this stuff up.  I truly am this blessed!  Wearing my bleach stained jogging pants, I wrestled up the kids and we headed out the door.  In fear of being considered an ungracious breakfast guest, I brought along the remainders of Elliot's birthday cake and ice cream. Come on! It was a holiday and every holiday should start with cake and ice cream.

Lucas and Carter.  Look at those faces!  I could just eat them up!

 Oh, and don't forget the mandatory gun fight!

I should tell you that the MacNeil's are the most fabulous cousins because they have the same family line up that we do: The wise and beautiful oldest sister followed by two wild little brothers with an affinity for guns and hockey.

Isn't Lauren precious!

Also, Nicki and I get along smashingly. We are both teachers, we both love spur-of-the-moment plans, we LOVE to talk, and we are both married to level-headed husbands.

And here we are both loving doing the dishes. NOT!

After our impromptu breakfast party, we headed home to meet Mr. Level-Headed for an afternoon of manuring (I think this is a word, and if not, it should be), tilling, and planting.

And Voila!

The garden is all set and we are one baby step closer to attaining "The Vision".  Have I told you Avery's "Vision" includes koala bears?  Who knows what that's all about?

As you can imagine, we are now pretty tuckered out, but we would not change a thing! 

There you have it!  A recipe for the perfect long weekend:

Step 1:  Mix together friends, family, and cake.
Step 2:  Gently fold in some sunshine sprinkled with gardening and play. 
Step 3:  Season with shenanigans.  Four Websters and one Skov recommend LOTS of shenanigans!

Tee hee! 

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