Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Day One

Eeeek!  It is finally here: the first day back to school after the most spectacular Christmas break we have ever had.  Mr. Level-Headed, being oh, so very level-headed, has been gradually moving his alarm clock back 15 minutes so that he would be ready for today, but, surprise, that is not how the kids and I do things.  In fact, on Monday night, the kids were up to midnight watching a not-so-thrilling college football game, and we have slept in each morning until the sun is brightly shining through our bedroom windows.  Mr. Level-Headed really does not agree with our indulge-right-to-the-last moment approach to holidays, but we never let him poo-poo on our plans.  We just give him a kiss, send him off to bed, and let the good times roll!

At this point, the game was already 35 - 0, but the kids were adamant they were watching it until the end.

Alas, the party always has to come to a screeching halt, and we had to pack our laissez-faire attitudes up with the rest of the Christmas decorations yesterday . . .  sniff, sniff.

 Now that Zoe and Mr. Level-Headed are up, coiffed, and out the door, it is just me and my sleeping boys.  I must admit that I am facing this day with a lot of trepidation.  Our first day back at anything is never good for Elliot, and I don't think I remember how to be a responsible homeschool parent any more, or even follow a schedule for that matter.  Ugh!  We are in so much trouble.

I am very tempted to wake the boys up, throw them in their snow suits, and take them sledding before our day.  No, this is not yet another one of my procrastination techniques, but rather I am shocked by the transformation my boys undergo after being outside in the brisk, fresh air and wearing their little bodies out by climbing the hill over and over again for at least an hour.  It truly is a miracle!  The other day after one of our many outdoor excursions, as I was fully engrossed in making our traditional after-sledding fare, hot chocolate with some HOMEMADE, PEPPERMINT marshmallows (yes, this is one of those moments even God would allow you to feel envious), I was shocked to find my boys fully engrossed in some major puzzle action . . . PUZZLES!  Puzzles are always a mama-directed activity in our house, and to find Avery doing one is not so shocking, BUT to find Elliot alongside him busily constructing his own puzzle, is one of those grab-your-camera-to-document-this-rare-and-probably-will-never-happen-again kind of moments.  It was awesome!

Okay, so not as awesome as these babies:

especially, not after they have been slightly melted in a hot, steamy cup of chocolate:

Heavenly! But, it was pretty awesome, nonetheless.  

Wish me luck today!  

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  1. Hope the day went well!! And yes, I am envious of your homemade marshmallows. I have always wanted to make my own but never get around to it....