Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Sledding, Webster Style

Unlike most people, I do a happy dance when the snow finally starts flying, and in my opinion, the more the better.  You would to, if you had two unruly, but extremely adorable, misfits, who need at least one hour of outdoor time a day in order to release their exuberant energy.  Oh, and don't forget it is just me and them all winter long from 8 - 4 pm.  This mama needs a break sometimes, and a snowy backyard is the perfect babysitter.  Unfortunately, my love for the snow often lures me out as well, but, hey, sometimes this mama is in need of a little fun more-so than some alone time.  And that is exactly what we had yesterday afternoon:  a ton of laughs and a whole load of fun!

These smiles say it all:

One of the reasons we have so much fun in the snow is because of the awesome sledding hill that is just outside our door.  Sure, we curse this hill in the summer, when our tired legs have to climb it after an evening of bonfiring or an afternoon of swimming, but in the winter, we have nothing but praise for it!

If you look closely, Scout is behind me trying to slow me down. 

Scout HATES when we slide down the hill.  Here he is chasing Avery.
Here he is biting Avery's sled . . . . grrrrrr . . . sleds!

But, then in typical Webster fashion, the kids quickly grow tired of plain sliding, and  hence, the construction of two "epic, dare-devil ramps" commences.  Zoe is almost always the foreman in these operations and the boys are her brainless lackeys, who do everything from grooming the trail to shovelling dog poop off the path to doing the test run of the ramps.  In spite of how much she yells at them and bosses them around, they love every moment of it!

Man, they really catch some air on these ramps!

But, eventually, this even grows a wee bit boring for my thrill seekers, and so they take it to the logical next step:  placing Zoe directly beside the ramp and seeing if they can clear her . . . eeeek!  I would love to say that I was not involved in this crazy idea, but that would be a lie.  Nope, I am not known for my responsible parenting decisions, and so, as soon as the idea popped into one of their maniacal little heads, my first response was: "I'll videotape it!" . . . tee hee!  Mother-of-the-Year right here, folks!  Unfortunately, we can not find the video on our computer so if you want to see it you will have to check it out on my facebook page.  Enjoy!

And that is how you sled, Webster style!  There is never a dull moment here at Shenanigans Inc. 

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