Thursday, 17 January 2013

Just One of the Boys

You would think by looking at Zoe that she is the princess of Shenanigans Inc, and don't get me wrong, she definitely has her princess moments.  Baby Girl believes she is the supreme ruler over our household and if things do not meet her expectations, then everyone hears about it.  She rolls her eyes like it is no one's business and she is always quick to put us in our place if our attire clashes with the image she wants us to portray.  However, beneath all that make-up, the clothes, and the straight-ironed hair, Zoe is really just one of the boys, and she always has been.  She plays just as rough, just as loud, and just as foolish as they do.  She traded in her ballet slippers for soccer cleats many years ago. Her favourite toy of all time is Lego (mind you she used it to build cities for her Polly Pocket figures), she lived in the mud as a young girl, she knows all the rules of football and never misses a Pat's game, her favourite game is Risk, her best friend in elementary school was a boy (Zachary), and she would much rather run, slide, wrestle, or kick a ball around than sit for a moment and read a book.  Last year, on her 14th birthday party, she and all of her girlfriends broke out into a Nerf gun war.  I looked at Mr. Level-Headed, and said:

Really?  Why am I always surrounded by boys?

Again, this is further proof that although Zoe looks identical to me, she is nothing like me.  You couldn't get any more girly than me when I was little.  I lived for dresses, pony tails, Barbie dolls, and boys.  I always loved the boys!  Until I met Mr. Level-Headed, I pictured myself having a house full of girls when I became a mom, but after meeting him, I knew it was going to be the other way around.  My friend and I joked that I would become the ultimate soccer mom with a van full of boys if I married him, and she was right . . . tee hee!

But, in all honesty, as much as I ooh and ahh over all the little girls at church on Sunday with their big, puffy dresses, their fancy little shoes, and their adorable bows and pigtails, I wouldn't trade this crew for anything, especially not my rough and tumble little princess, Zoe. (Who is always dressed up nicely on Sundays as well, but the difference is I have seen her whip off the high heels, when no is looking, to chase down her brothers and pummel them to the floor . . . tee hee!)

When you are built like this, what else are you going to do but pummel?

But, I have also seen her, when no one else is looking, love those boys of hers like there is no tomorrow:

Especially, her daddy:

Yay!  A puffy dress!  No bows though.  :(

Baby Girl, no matter what you do or how you act, you will always be a princess in our eyes. 

Even at times like this: 

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