Tuesday, 22 January 2013

TWO Whole Hours

Lego, Lego . . . oh, how I love thee!  

Yesterday, as I made up our grocery list and library list for the week ahead, the boys played downstairs.  I could hear them talking excitedly and occasionally I even heard shouts of praises for one another.  It was strange.  Really strange.  My boys are the best of friends, but lately, they have been losing patience with one another very quickly.  Parents, you know the drill:

He's looking at me!

Ahhh! He's breathing on me!

Ugh!  I hate the way he chews his food!

and so on and so on.

I blame January.  After the excitement and wonder of Christmas, January is always a major let down.  It is cold.  It is dark.  The regular school week schedule is in full-swing, and there are far too few chocolates laying around.  

Anyhoo . . .

My boys were actually getting along, and so as not to disrupt this cosmic irregularity, I carried on with my chores and did not make a fuss about it.

Two hours later . . . yes, that's right, TWO hours later, Elliot came running up the stairs.

Mom, mom.  You have to come see this.  We built a Lego city without Zoe's help.  (Zoe has always been the foreman on any Lego city projects here at Shenanigans Inc.)

Since I had everything under control upstairs (thanks to TWO hours), I immediately grabbed my camera and followed him back downstairs to the the Land of Lego.

All I could say was WOW!
All their years of apprenticeship under the watchful, and very demanding, eye of Baby Girl, has really paid off:

The gate to their city. I guess enemy attacks happen quite frequently in this territory. 

The Hotel.

The theatre:
(the man in the sombrero is a popular entertainer)

The smoothie bar
(ya, gotta love Mormon kids!)
and a taxi cab
(being driven by an armed Stormtrooper - like I said, this territory is VERY dangerous)

The air base:

and a restaurant

Tee hee!

I think they have thought of everything!

Thank you Lego, for turning a cold January afternoon into something extraordinary for my boys and for giving this very busy mama TWO hours of peace and quiet.  You really are my favourite toy of all time.

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  1. My favourite, too! I still have two big buckets of it in my classroom, and last week my homeschool girls and I spent an entire afternoon building a house out of Lego (with a top secret spy lab attached, of course.) And there is always danger in Lego land. When we played the Lego guy in a neighbouring house kept getting carried off by a series of pirates, adventurers, and ruffians with evil plots to steal his extra-large TV and reveal the secret identity of the neighbouring spies. Love it! :)