Thursday, 23 May 2013

A Little Sunshine Amidst All This Rain


Yep, according to my Weather Network app all this rain is not letting up any time soon, and this is very troublesome to me. What is a mama of two highly energetic boys to do? Not to mention, my constantly wet pooch is really offending the intense, bordering on super weapon-ish, olfactory senses of this pregnant mama . . . blech!
I can barely stand to be in the same room as him! But, it`s as if he has totally forgotten our conversation about our temporary break up and insists upon sticking to me like glue. Here he is laying on my chest. He`s just lucky that his overwhelming cuteness factor is able to knock down his overwhelming stink factor a couple of notches.

Well, here is what this mama is going to do because, in all honesty, compared to the devastation that occurred in Oklahoma this week due to a nasty weather system, I have very little to complain about, and so I am going to focus on the positive. I am going to list some of the pretty awesome things that have happened this week here at Shenanigans Inc.

*** On Saturday, my adoring husband, who just finished two ten week courses for his MBA, had his first weekend off in like twelve weeks, and what did he decide to do on his first Saturday to sleep in, and probably his last for another ten weeks? He got up and told me to stay in bed! Gosh darn it, I love that man! He made the boys' breakfast and he brought me breakfast in bed. I laid there eating, reading, and snoozing until 11 am. I truly am one spoiled mama!

***On Sunday, my boy became one of the big kids at church (much to his sister's dismay), and so I spruced him up so that he could look like one of the big kids (even though he is not very big)

Isn't he handsome? As much as I loved seeing Elliot all grown-up-like at church on Sunday, what made me even more excited is that I bought the entire outfit for $20 at Value Village. $20?!?!?!?! Yep, shirt, tie, belt, pants, and black shoes all for $20. Gosh darn it, I love saving money!

***On Monday, I was once again craving some Mongolian Beef and Broccoli from the Wok Box, and so Mr. Level-Headed and I took a drive in town to pick up some supper for everyone. It was delicious, but sadly, that night I up-chucked the entire meal. I was devastated because I thought I would never be able to eat my favourite dish again, but I am pleased to announce that the very next day I was able to scarf down and keep down the Mongolian Beef leftovers!  Phew! As you can tell, it's the little things in life that keep me smiling.

***On Tuesday, I made a big decision. Over the past couple of months, I have begrudgingly watched my beautiful house plants wither up and die. It seems the only ones able to hold on in spite of my blatant disregard for their well-being are my Christmas cacti. As hard as it has been to toss their lifeless bodies in the compost, what seems to be even harder is to remember that they need water. Sounds simple, but trust me it is not, and so with a wee bit of disappointment and a whole lot of relief, I decided not to put the garden in this summer. Right now just making sure my own kids get enough sunshine (which the weather is not helping out with at all), food and water plus an education is all I can seem to handle. I felt bad, initially, about this decision and then it occurred to me that instead of garden, fresh veggies I am growing a baby this summer! Sounds like a pretty fair trade, right?

Sorry, Mr. Flower.

***On Tuesday, I also visited with a friend of mine who gave me a beautiful crib for Thing 4. A crib! I really want to set it up right now in my room, but I think Mr. Level-Headed will poo poo on that idea because let`s face it, it is not a very level-headed idea at this point in the game, but I am really get exciting! This pregnancy thing is really becoming real for me. In fact, the other day as Mr. Level-Headed and I were driving back from the Wok Box, I looked at him and squealed:

We`re having a baby!

Sometimes it just  hits me out of the blue, and I become giddy. The panic has not hit yet, but I am sure that it is right around the corner, and pretty soon I will be sobbing:

How are we ever going to do this!

But for now, I will take the giddiness!

Also, making it feel real is the fact that I have had to say farewell to my regular pants and hello to the stretchy comfort of pregnancy pants.  Ahhhhhhh . . . comfort!

(love the elastic band!)

(again, notice the stinky pooch staying oh, so very close to his mama . . .  ugh!) Oh, and I should note that yes, I do wear a long shirt to cover that lovely elastic waistband . . . tee hee!  I had Baby Girl worried for a bit. ;)

***And finally, on Wednesday, a friend of mine came over for tea, muffins and some chit chat. There is truly nothing better for a homeschooling mama than to share an hour or two with a fellow adult over a steaming hot cup of peppermint tea and some adult conversation. Actually, the only thing that could possibly make it better is if that steaming hot cup of peppermint tea is being served in the brand new mug your friend made and gave to you!


Thank you so much Elizabeth for the visit and the mug. They made my day!

So, as you can see, in spite of all this rain, things remain fairly sunshiny here at Shenanigans Inc. I just hope we can keep this up for the next five days . . . eeeeeek!

Stay dry everyone.

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