Monday, 6 May 2013

The Usual Shenanigans

The biggest problem with not blogging consistently is playing catch up. Ugh! I hate it. So, here is a quick run through of what has been going on here at Shenanigans Inc.

Sadly, Zoe has been in the middle of an Ulcerative Colitis flare-up for the past five weeks. She has spent the past three weeks home from school, and if any of you can remember what it is like to be fifteen, you will recall that spending three weeks alone with your mom and brothers can only be described as the vilest and most gruesome form of torture known to humankind.  However, in true Zoe fashion, she handled it like a trooper and made the most of it by spending her days tormenting her brothers and criticising her mother. She is so precious! Thankfully, though, I am pleased to announce that Zoe is back to school today. Hooray! Hopefully, she won't miss us too much.

Elliot discovered that he can "text" fellow Ipod/Iphone users with his Ipod Touch, and he is melting his mama's heart with all the cute texts he is sending me. I woke up to this one last Monday, when Zoe and I had to make a trip to the IWK:

Awwwww . . .  what a sweetie!

Recently, the boys participated in their first Science Fair with our homeschool group in Charlotte County.  Yes, Charlotte County is a long ways for us to travel, but I love our group! The other moms are wonderful and all of the kids get along. It is a perfect match for us.

Elliot decided to do a project inspired by his favourite television show The Deadliest Warrior (eeek! Please feel free to insert peer-parental judgement here). Using a series of four tests that he came up with, Elliot figured out which one of his Nerf guns would perform the best in battle. He was so into this project that in spite of how much work it involved, he never complained once. Nothing short of a miracle, folks!

Poor Avery, however, did not have a similar sunshiny experience.  Three failed science projects later, Zoe came to the rescue and found an experiment that looked fool-proof and had the necessary wow-factor that Avery was looking for. So, the day before the science fair, Avery and I got to work. and hallelujah it worked. Phew! It was called Colour Explosion, and it involved watching how dish detergent breaks up the bonds between the fat and protein in milk with food colouring. Avery took the experiment a step further and collected ten different liquids to see if they would have a similar effect on the milk. Of course, none of them did, but he enjoyed feeling like a mad scientist for the day playing with all of his "chemicals".

 Much to their mama's surprise, both of the boys placed in their age categories. Elliot came second place for grades 4-7, and Avery came in first for preK to grade 3. The boys were ecstatic, and could not wait to show off their victory to their fellow science-fair-winning sister.

Perhaps they are learning something after all. Who knew!

Well, there you have it. Yes, terribly exciting things are going on here at Shenanigans Inc. Sorry you had to miss out on all of the action due to my Facebook blunder (ugh!) but hopefully, that is all behind us and we no longer have to play catch up again. 

Happy Monday!

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