Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Awesomeness All Around

The house is still dark.  Everyone is sleeping, as I sit down in my living room to write my blog.   In between the clicking of my computer keys, I hear the gentle song of the loons out on the river.  I love this time of day!  It is filled with peace and hope. Today, is going to be an awesome day!

But the thing is, I have had a lot of awesome days lately filled with lots of awesome moments, and I am sitting here wondering which one to write about.

There was the kids' End-of-the-Year recital at school.  Avery's class sang a song about learning to read. 

Then Elliot's class came out.  They played "Smoke on the Water" on their ukeleles.  Who knew the ukelele could be so cool!

Move over Hendrix, Elliot is in the house! 

Much to her mother's dismay, Zoe did not perform, but she did sit up on the back of the stage looking dark and mysterious.  Who is that girl?  

Or, should I tell you how Avery lost his tooth.  It is not a remarkable story; just a boy with a loose tooth and the determination to remove it.  If you do not like blood, you may want to look away. I warned you!

Sorry!  He loves this photo, and I promised I would include it.  I find the crazed look that seems to have come over him a little frightening.  How 'bout you?

Or, maybe I should write about our splendid day on the soccer fields in Fredericton!  The weather was perfect; the sun was shining and there was a gentle breeze to cool the players down when they came off from their shift.   For our first game, we met up with a compatible team.  In the words of Ray, my assistant coach, only in title, he is really the brains and the skill behind this operation, the game "was poised on the edge of a knife".  It was tied 1-1 for the longest time, and then fate intervened and they got two lucky goals on us.  That's how it goes sometimes, so we brushed ourselves off and headed off to our second game.  We knew we were in trouble the minute we stepped out onto their brand new, turf field.  As Ray and I looked over our opponents, we had a hard time distinguishing which ones were players and which ones were the coaches.  Yikes!  They were huge and skilled.  They looked like a well-oiled machine!  As they ran up and down their side of the field performing a set warm up, I looked over at my own darlings, who at that moment were rolling on the turf field squealing: "It's so warm!  Coach "K", you should check out how hot the field is".  In that instant, I knew I was going to really like this bunch of kids, but we had no chance of winning . . . tee hee!  We are the ones in silver:

Go,baby girl, go!

Meet Vida.  This is the kid from the other team whom we thought was the coach.  At one point, he kicked the ball from the centre line and it almost went in on the top hand corner of the net.  INSANITY! 

The kids were terrified of him, but that did not stop them from going head-to-head  with him. 

Poor Jake!  The moment after I shot this photo, he was pummelled to the ground by Vida.  All we could do on the bench was laugh, when Jake popped his head up and said "Who is that man?  He is huge!".  I love kids with a sense of humour!

Although we did not score as many goals as we would like, or any for that matter, the kids played really hard.  We were in over our heads, but they did not give up and they kept on smiling.  This showed tremendous character on their part, and Ray and I couldn't have been more pleased with them.

Give us another month of training and a couple rounds of steroids, and next time we will be the victors.  Vida, you are going down!  Tee hee!

So, there you have it.  A weekend filled with awesomeness!  I am so blessed to have all of these kids in my life.  They truly make it a lot more interesting, and they are definitely worth getting up at 5:00 am to write about.

Have a great day, and remember to look out for all the awesomeness in your own life!

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