Thursday, 30 June 2011

A Day of Firsts

Yesterday was a big day here at Shenanigans Inc.

Although we spent most of the day running to appointments and doing errands, we had a lot of firsts for the season.

It all started at the dentist.  Look at the excitement on Elliot!  He is just oozing with enthusiasm . . . tee hee!

 The big news here though, was Avery:

You see, Avery has inherited his mama's super sniffer and her super sensitivity to all sounds and feelings, which do not make a visit to the dentist's office easy.  In fact, the minute I walk in and smell that distinct "dentist office" smell, I become queasy and get a headache.  It happens every time!  Well, poor Avery seems to suffer from the same affliction as I do so he has always been, oh how should I put it without making him sound like the stubborn little monkey that he is, very uncooperative.  Yes, uncooperative definitely describes  his behaviour.  Avery's first visit to the dentist did not go well at all.  He wouldn't even sit in the chair and let the hygienist "count" his teeth.  He knew something was up and he was having no part of it.  You could tell she did not have children of her own, and even though I am sure she does her job very well, she did not handle being shut out by a 3 year old very well.   Yikes!  I thought the two of them were going to break out into a fist fight.  Luckily, she was never his hygienist again.  Phew!  After we completed our walk of shame out of the dentist office that day, I looked at Avery and said "Never again!".  Then each time we went after that, I was able to convince him to add just one more procedure to his cleaning  until that fateful day came, yesterday to be exact, when Avery was finally going to do the full cleaning, including the dreaded fluoride.  I was terrified!  I had visions of him vomiting everywhere or throwing the world's biggest temper tantrum, but he didn't.  HE ACTUALLY DID IT!  My boy, who wants rotten teeth so that he can look like a pirate, actually did it!  I was one proud mama! 

Oh, and the cavity king, Elliot, did not have any cavities!  Could this day get any better? 

Well, of course it can.

So, like I said, it was one of those crazy days where I overbooked myself and every time I turned around I was late for some appointment.  Finally, we sat down at 6 pm for supper and, amidst the usual compliments like "oh, mommy you are the best cook ever!" and "mommy I love you so much because you put so much effort into making us healthy meals" (tee hee!), I remembered that today was the first day to  pick up our basket of home-grown goodies from my friend, Kim, at Harmony Growers, and we only had an hour left to get there.  Ahhh! After scarfing down our supper, we were once again on the move!  For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about there are two companies in our area Dave's Produce Packs and Harmony Growers (in all honesty there may be more but these are the only two I am familiar with), who for a fee provide families with organic produce for the entire growing season.  It is a fantastic idea, and a very popular one!  So each Wednesday evening, I will stop by Kim's farm to pick up one of these:

How cute is that?  Since it is early in the season and the weather has not been very cooperative, the baskets are a little sparse, but nonetheless there are lots of salad friendly goodies in there that I can't wait to try.  We have some Swiss chard, some radishes, some green onions, salad mix, oregano, and Pok Choy (very similar to his brother, Bok)  Also, because Kim is so meticulous in everything she does, she included some tips on how to cook and use each veggie plus a few yummy recipes.  It's like getting a present all summer long; I am so excited!!

Then to wrap up our hectic day and to reward myself and the kids for surviving the day, we headed up to Kredl's for our first ice cream cone of the season.  Yummy!

It truly was a fantastic day!

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