Thursday, 2 June 2011

Oh, The Wonderful Things Our Arms Can Do!

My all-time favourite picture of Zoe.  She loves her puppy, Scout, so much!

My dearest Zoe,

Where should I start?  You were mad at me this morning.  REALLY mad at me.  First of all, I have been wearing your favourite black cardigan a lot lately.  It is so exciting to finally have another girl in the house with whom I can share clothes with.  Especially someone as stylish and cool as you.  So, I got excited.  I love that sweater too, and it looks pretty awesome on me.  Even you have to admit that.  But, what I did not realize was that my "I am now in my mid-thirties, mom arms" would stretch your sweater and and make it look like it had sprouted wings over night.  Truly I am sorry!  Just to show you how sorry I am, I am going to share the dreaded "mom arms" picture with the entire world.  Check out those babies!

Although my "mom wings" distorted your precious sweater, you have to remember that I am growing them especially for you.  You are getting so big that I need larger arms just to hold you close.  It was all for you, baby! Tee hee!

Secondly, I embarrassed you on my blog yesterday.  I know I promised that I would NEVER do that, but your mama was out for vengeance after you deleted her intended photo for the blog. Shame on you!  Oh right, I am supposed to be apologizing here.  Shame on me!  But, once again, I messed up because it was not the picture of you dressed up like a horse that bothered you, but rather, my paragraph that portrayed you as blog Nazi and as a snooty young woman, who only cares about being cool.  For this, I am truly sorry!  And so, to make up for my wrongful portrayal of you yesterday, I have compiled some pictures that show off your fun-loving side!  You can thank me later!

In fact, you are so much fun, that you have a ton of friends:

Relay for Life team - Kingston Kids Kickin' Cancer
* More on this in a minute

How do we spell "fun" in our house?  . . . . Z - O - E  +  G - O - O:

We should also not neglect to mention that you are one tough cookie, and probably could take your mom down if she did something as horrible as, oh  let's say, continuously embarrass you on her blog. But, thank heavens she would never do that . . . tee hee!

And, hey, any thirteen year old who will still get her picture taken with her family and a large plush character, is pretty fun-loving:

So, Zoe, I hope you have now forgiven me!  I hope you feel that you have now been more fairly portrayed here on my blog, and that everyone has now seen that you are just as crazy as the rest of us.  Unfortunately, this does not make up for your stretched sweater, but I am pretty sure that once I embrace you within my "mom wings" tomorrow morning, smother you in kisses, and plead "Oh, please! Oh, please, forgive me, Zoe", that I will once again be your most favourite person on this earth!


Your Mama!

Tee hee!

P.S. Remember these kids:

Well, this weekend, Zoe and I will once again be participating in the Relay For Life, and we will be staying up all night long with this fun-loving bunch of kids to raise money for cancer research.  If you would like to donate some money to this worthwhile cause, please drop me a line via email or facebook and tell me how much.  I will then send my muscle out to collect your donation.

Check out those guns!  So, don't even think about not making good on your donations . . . tee hee!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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  1. That top picture would win prizes somewhere I'm sure. It is so BEAUTIFUL! It helps when the subjects of the portrait are beautiful too!