Thursday, 16 June 2011

A Canadian Tradition

Not the Stanley Cup, but just as exciting!

The Stanley Cup . . .

I didn't grow up in a hockey household, but each year when the Stanley Cup Playoffs would roll around, my dad, my sister and I would catch the bug.  Back then dad and Hilary cheered for the Edmonton Oilers and I, their rivals, the New York Islanders.  I don't know if it really was the Cup we were excited for, or the chance to stay up late, eat lots of treats, and trash-talk our beloved family members that pulled us in, but whatever the reason, we, like so many other Canadian families, were glued to our television set and became true fans of the game!  We cheered on the players, we booed the refs, and cried as the victors hoisted the Cup over their heads to take their lap of victory around the ice.  And then after we crawled into our beds and spent the next day reliving each moment of the game with our friends, the hockey fan in these three Skovs would quietly step aside, waiting for the buzz of the next year's Stanley Cup Playoffs to awaken them once again so that they can don their team colours, cheer on their team, and feel like a true Canadian!

So last night, I had just stepped in the door from my soccer practice, when Elliot ran up to me pleading, "Can we stay up tonight?  Can we watch the Stanley Cup Finals?", and I did what every other Canadian mom did, I ignored my sound motherly judgement, and told my boys to grab the popcorn and save me a seat on the couch.

It's hockey night in Canada, baby!!

Derrick, Elliot and I cheered for the Boston Bruins, while Zoe and Avery cheered on the Vancouver Canucks.

Let the trash-talk begin!

We sat intently waiting to see who would score the first goal.


Elliot's victory dance!

After Boston scored their second goal, Avery decided to switch camps in order to participate in the celebration:

With a 2-0 lead, we could all relax now and have some fun!

Then Boston scored their third goal!  It was getting late by now, and with a narrow chance for the Canucks to come back, Zoe and Avery decided to go to bed.  Oh, well there is always next year!

Then Elliot, who was getting tired, curled up on the chair with me and we snuggled.  I love the fact that my boys still like to cuddle with their mama!

But, this probably wasn't a good idea because then we both became sleepy, really sleepy! 

So, with confidence that the Bruins had secured their win, we gave up the fight and headed to bed ourselves. 

Dear Stanley Cup,

It sure was great to feel your buzz again!  Thank you for letting my family share in your excitement and for inspiring my young boys to dream about hoisting you up over their own heads.  I look forward to seeing you again next year!


A very tired Canadian Fan

By the way, in case you are not Canadian, the Boston Bruins won the Stanley Cup 4-0!  Woohoo, Bruins!


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