Monday, 6 June 2011

Monday, Monday!

As the busy mom of three school-aged children and the adoring wife of one hardworking husband (yeah, even I gagged as I was writing that one . . . sorry!), I have to be organized because I don't just have one schedule to manage but five.  And trust me, the kids' social calendars are far more interesting than mine or Mr. Level-Headed's.  So, each Monday morning after everyone leaves for work and school, I sit down and plan out our week right down to what meals we are eating.  Oh, yeah, I am that good . . . tee hee!  It takes awhile, but it is so worth it, and by the time Sunday rolls around, I am always astonished that we managed to fit everything in.  But today was the exception because my head was still reeling from staying up most of the night on Saturday for the Relay for Life (more on this tomorrow), and I just couldn't muster up enough brain power to do it.  So I took a break from this tedious chore and got myself a Twitter account.  Luckily for me, Twitter does not require coherent thoughts . . . ha, ha!  Now, before you call Social Services on me for placing my family in jeopardy of having scheduling conflicts or missed appointments due to the reckless actions of their sleep-deprived mom, I assure you that life will go back to normal tomorrow and the schedule will be posted and adhered to . . . tee hee!

Anyhoo, so after fooling around on the computer all morning, I decided to do something productive, and dragged my butt outside to work in the garden.  Check this out!  Can you say "chickens!" (See "The Vision")

My tomato plants

The lovely trellis I put up all by my lonesome.  I am so self-reliant!

My peas!

Isabelle, the garden caterpillar.  Avery made her for me!
I had just came in from working in the garden, when the phone rang and it was my dad.  This was unexpected for a work day!  
Dad: What are you and the kids doing after school today?
Me:  Since there is no schedule, I guess nothing!  No plans, dad.  What's up?
Dad: Well, we have the Memorial Cup here at work and I was wondering if the kids would like to see it.
Me:  They would love that!!!

OMG(sh) . . . tee hee! I have always wanted to write that!  I know, I am such a geek!  I knew the kids were going to be thrilled.  Not only was this the first time in history that any team in the Maritimes has ever won the Memorial Cup, but our very own home team were the ones to win it, and my kids were going to get a chance to hold it!  So, I collected their Sea Dogs paraphanelia, and loaded the car.  As soon as they got off the bus, I told them to jump in.  As expected, they went bonkers!!  We called Mr. Level-Headed, aka Mr. Hockey in our household, and he decided to meet us there too. Woohoo!  Four Websters and a Skov were pumped for an impromptude Monday afternoon adventure.

I guess the Memorial Cup had caused quite the stir at the newspaper, and throughout the day, people were getting their pictures taken with it, and inviting their family members in to see it as well.  So, exciting!!

Now, before you get all crazy and start holding up the Cup, pretending that you have just won it, you have to take time to note all of the players' who did indeed hoist it up over their heads and completed the victory lap around the rink.   Leave it to Mr. Level-Headed to proceed with logical restraint!

It was interesting to learn that the Memorial Cup dates as far back as 1919!

Then, Grandpapa Skov coerced one of his photographers to take our photos with the Cup.  Thanks, Kate!  I am sure this was one of her fondest career moments, and will definitely make the ol' portfolio . . . tee hee!

Ha, ha!  We only had one Sea Dogs jersey, but, thankfully, Elliot had played for the Sea Hawks one year and their jersey looks identical to the Sea Dog's.  Avery didn't even notice!

Four Websters and Two Skovs with the Memorial Cup

While waiting for his turn to hold the Cup, Elliot decided to try out his gravity-defying superpowers.  He may not be able to fly, but he does have super human strength . . . tee hee! (See A Decade of Elliot)

On the way home, Avery asked if there was a way I could take the photos off of my camera because he really wanted to show his friends at school . . .  Tee hee!  I am infamous for not developing my pictures.  Zoe and Elliot were born pre-digital cameras, so they have all these lovely photo albums filled with their adorable baby photos, and poor Avery has to scroll through countless pages of photos on the computer.  Perhaps, you should call Social Services!

So, that was our unscheduled day!  Hey, who knows, I may just abandon the schedule all together.  The kids were fed, they practiced their piano, my garden was tended to, and we had an adventure: what more could you ask for?

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