Monday, 20 June 2011

Parenting Mistakes that Haunt You

On Friday night as I was kissing Avery goodnight, he reminded me to say goodnight to "Horny" the unicorn as well.  For those of you who do not remember the unicorn who ended my good mama moments streak, read this.  This was the first time I had heard Avery refer to her as this since the incident, but I really can't say I was shocked  because if one little name can cause your mama to squirm in discomfort plus force a giggle from your thirteen year old sister, then, hey, it is golden!  What did shock me, though, was when he proceeded to introduce me to "Horny 2" and "Horny 3".   What?!  She had babies?

Well, in all honesty, though, with a name like that, what did I expect her to do . . . Tee hee!

Meet the Horny family:

If you see a studly reindeer roaming around anywhere, lock up your pink unicorns because he clearly does not have good intentions!

Tee hee!

Happy Last Monday Before Summer Vacation! 

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  1. Krista I just discovered your blog, I am loving it, and peeing myself with laughter for that matter. I think I will come back often.
    Jacquie Woodruff