Friday, 10 June 2011

Snippets from Our Not-So-Great, but Not-So-Bad Week

I am so glad to see this week end!

I really should not complain because nothing bad happened.   It was just one of those weeks where things did not flow as smoothly as they normally do.  Why?  Who knows!  Perhaps we are still reeling from our sleepless Saturday at the Relay, or perhaps we, like marathon runners who are nearing the end of their journey, are just worn out from a long school year and are longing for those lazy, crazy days of summer.  Whatever it is, I am glad it is almost done, and we are just three packed lunches and one school concert away from the weekend. 

Now, this week was not an entire right-off.  In fact, lots of fun things happened, and just to help me keep it all in perspective, here are a few of the highlights.

See this scruffy looking bunch:

Well, they got haircuts!  Woo hoo!  Zoe was particularly excited because she has been asking, no make that begging, to get her hair cut since about March.  I know, negligent mom here, but making hair appointments is not one of my specialties.  It is not hard!  It is just something I can never get around to doing.  I need a personal assistant.  Derrick, I need people!  I believe I said this a couple times during the week, and yet, nothing is being done about it . . . tee hee!

This haircut makes her look too old.  Perhaps this is why I put it off!

Tee hee!  Poor Elliot does not like to get his picture taken so we had to plan a sneak attack for this one!  He didn't even see it coming!  Now my kids are all coiffed and looking splendid in their new summer do's.

Oh, and we can't forget our visit with the Memorial Cup:

Oh, and there was our lovely afternoon at the barn, where Avery rode Honey for the first time, but that did not last long because she was cranky and kept trying to bite Karlee.  I guess we all have our bad days!

 I work so hard!

 And, how can we forget soccer!  We LOVE soccer, and spent three of our evenings this week on the field.  There truly is no better place to be on a summer evening than the soccer field!

Yes, a repeat photo, but one of my faves!

There was a hose down of the boys room, where I found a birds' nest (?) and a ton of rocks!  There were countless forts and inventions built:

Lots of begging:

Lots of uncooperative-ness (on a certain young lady's part, but I won't mention any names)

Lots of tooth-wiggling (and half naked boys.  Sheesh!  I promise they do have clothes)

And lots of shenanigans (and bad photos . . . eek!)

All wrapped up with one spectacular thunder and lightning show:

See, it really wasn't a bad week.  It just didn't feel right, and I guess when this happens, all you can do is change how you look at things and focus on what did go right!

Have a super, shenanigan-filled weekend! 

p.s. Don't you just love my new header?!

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