Wednesday, 7 November 2012

I Really Do Not Care for a Circus

Like most people in North America, I woke up this morning with a huge sigh of relief.  Not because Obama won, but because the election is over.  It is finally over!  Hallelujah!

I am sure many people assume that being a Mormon I would support Mitt Romney, but that is not the case.  In all honesty, though, I did not support President Obama either, but I am also not against him.  What?   Let me explain.  I did not choose a side in this Presidential election because,from the beginning, I saw how intense, how hatred-filled, and how negative the entire campaign was going to be, and I bowed out.  That's what I do.  I avoid confrontation on matters that really do not affect me.  You all know my life; I do not need any more stress!  I fight when I have to fight, but other than that, I stay clear of what I deem to be unnecessary contention.  Now, I am not suggesting that politics are just too big of a matter for this pretty little head.  In fact, when it comes to Canadian politics, I earnestly study the matters at hand and cast my vote accordingly.  In fact, I do believe there was one year when our front lawn donned both an NDP sign and a Conservative sign . . . tee hee!  Politics do matter.  Voting is a huge responsibility.  We need to get involved, and we need to take it seriously.   But, I did not get involved in this election.  American politics is too much of a circus for me, and the media plays too heavy of a role.  Being a writer I am very much aware of the power of words.  Words are like Lego.  You can build them up to say whatever you want, to create whatever picture you want, and make people feel whatever you want.  This is why I love them, but this is also why they can be dangerous.  According to the American media and whatever channel you happen to be tuned into, a vote for Obama is a vote for debauchery and the demise of the American way; while, a vote for Romney is synonymous to a vote for the Taliban.  This is fear-mongering, not news.  Do I really believe that either of these men are evil?  No.  Do I really believe that either of these men would not work their very hardest to do what is best for America in whatever circumstance.  No.  Am I American?  No.  And so I bowed out.

Unfortunately, when I checked my Twitter and Facebook accounts this morning as per my usual routine, I noticed that the circus was still in full swing.  Resentful tweets and hatred-filled Facebook posts littered my Iphone screen.  America is hurting today, and I pray they can put their anger aside, support their president, and, once and for all, turn off the stupid television.  

Before, you send me any nasty emails, unfollow me, or try to get me into a political debate, I warn you, I know nothing!  Seriously. I did not watch a single debate. I did not read a single article, and I don't think I even saw a single commercial.  Thank you, Netflix!  But, I did watch Chris Rock's snippet on why white people should vote for President Obama, and I must say, it is awesome.  I think future presidential candidates should take notice and have comedians run their entire campaigns.  It would be far more enjoyable, and probably, a lot more insightful! 

Congratulations, President Obama! I am positive you will do a great job.

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