Tuesday, 13 November 2012

The Things I Learn Cleaning Up

After a beautiful long weekend, like we just had, I am a little embarrassed to say that I have nothing exciting or adventuresome to post.  We had a laid back, movie-filled, family weekend, and I loved every minute of it!  Elliot healed from his tooth extraction and enjoyed his dentist-prescribed diet of cheesies and ice cream for the day (it was a painful procedure and both she and I felt he deserved it).

Mr. Level-Headed and I went on a date Friday night to see the new Bond movie, Starfall.  It was so awesome!  As a new promotion, the movie theatre is putting their popcorn in large Hobbit buckets, and this thrilled me to no end, but not as much as it did Avery.  When we arrived home, Avery confiscated my bucket and decided, along with his stuffy's sleeping bag, it would make the perfect hat.  Of course! Why didn't I think of that?

He wore that thing for two days.  What a monkey! (Oh, and you should take note of all the Justin Bieber posters that adorn his walls.  It is important for later.)

So, you see, nothing terribly exciting happened around here.  I figure it's the calm before the storm.  Mr. Level-Headed begins classes again on November 24, and I am sure life will start rock'n and roll'n immediately after.

Anyhoo . . . my grand idea for this post came to me yesterday as I was cleaning up the house after our lazy, pajama/pyjama, movie weekend.  I was shocked at just how much I learnt about all my munchkins from their post-weekend shambles.

First of all, if I had not cleaned up, I probably would have missed out on seeing Baby Girl's art project.  She has been dreadfully worried about this term's art class because, in her own words, "I am not an artist, mom!"  Well, I beg to differ, and I now have the proof.  Check this out:

Unless she was trying to draw a horse, I would say this is an excellent masterpiece.  Not an artist . . . come on!  Oh, and we named him Mr. Mudgins . . . tee hee!

Second of all, if I had not cleaned up, I would never have learnt just how prepared my home is in the event of a mock home-invasion.  As I was refilling my boys' toilet paper roll, I found two (fake) hand guns securely hidden in the cubbard beneath the sink.

I feel much safer now . . . tee hee!

Thirdly, if I had not decided to clean up the house yesterday, then the wee-est Webster would not have been inspired to clean up his bedroom, which lead to the removal of ALL his Justin Bieber posters.  Even the ones that were hanging on the ceiling above his bed.  You would not believe the peace this has brought to Mr. Level-Headed's worried soul . . . tee hee!

Wow!  Yes, Avery has decided he is too mature for the posters.  He's still a fan, just not a crazed fan anymore.

And finally, if I had not cleaned up and had not been lazy all weekend allowing grand ideas to flow freely through my mind, I would never have discovered that my bedroom is, in fact, large enough to house my very own thoughtful spot with a beautiful view of the river.

Isn't it lovely?  Lots of magical, grand ideas will be conjured up here, folks; I have no doubt about it . . . tee hee!

Happy first day back after the long weekend!

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  1. I love your thoughtful spot, and I have no doubt that grand ideas will be hatched there... :)