Thursday, 1 November 2012

A Walk Down Halloween Lane

Are you tired of my Halloween pictures yet?  Well, then this post is not for you.  

Drum roll please . . . 

As CEO of Shenanigans Inc., I am pleased to present Halloween 2012!

Elliot looks far too comfortable for my liking in that soldier uniform . . 

It was a wet night, but thankfully, it was warm.

This year we joined up with two friends, a vampire and Michael Jackson, and trick-or-treated around the Hampton area.  The boys have decided that Hampton is the best place for trick-or-treating, hands down.

Man, it seemed to get dark quickly . . .

Then it was off to Grammie's, but first we had to make one quick stop at Halloween Central , a home close to my parent's house that my children covet for their holiday blow-up decorations.

I love the googly in eyes in the window.

Dracula's gravestone . . .

Finally, we arrived home, and that's when the real fun began:

candy, candy, candy

These pink pajamas belong to a certain teenager who dressed up like a really cute baby, but refused to have her picture taken.

The annual candy exchange:

My favourite part of the evening was watching my "mommy-tax" bowl get bigger, and, bigger, and bigger!  My darling boys fill the bowl up with my favourite treats, but the teenager fills it up with all the stuff she doesn't like.  Check out those raisins . . . it's a Halloween disgrace!

Avery's favourite treat of the night.  Three cheers for the Cap!

Oh, Halloween!  In spite of the rain, the scares (this year a freaky man dressed in a gorilla costume . . . yikes!), and the copious amounts of sugared snacks that leave my children looking like this at 11pm on a SCHOOL NIGHT:

I guess I could say, you're not so bad.

Thanks for another great year of memories!  

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  1. :o) I notice you did sneak in a pic of "Baby Girl" :o) The kids look great, glad they had fun!!