Thursday, 29 November 2012

Operation Kick Some Butt

Whose butt needs kicking you ask?  Well, yours truly of course.  Yes, I need a major butt kicking, and I need it fast.  I have not gone for a run in six weeks now.  Eeeeek!  I am so bad.  At around the same time I started blogging again, I began to skip out on my morning runs.  It's like I can't seem to squeeze in more than one of hour of "me" time during the day, but this has to change.  I really don't want to stop blogging, but I really can't go on without exercise, and doing both is possible.  It will just take better time management on my part and lots of discipline, something I was not blessed with.  So, here's the deal:  I continue to write somewhat decent musings on my life, my babies and my grand ideas, and YOU kick my butt.  Yes, I am giving you permission to harass me, to motivate me, and to scream at me via whatever way works best for you.  Send me a tweet, a FB post (no direct messages please because they are far too easy to ignore; not that I would ever do that), or a text.   If you see me running alongside the road, holler out your window: "Go faster, girl!  Move it!"  If you see me out and about, ask me if I exercised today, and if not, feel free to berate me in front of everyone.  If you are my cousin and work at a certain ice cream establishment, which I frequent far too often, do not serve me. Shut the window and tell me to come back after I have done my thirty minutes.  Yep, that's my goal right now:  I must move for thirty minutes each day, except for Sunday, my day of rest.  Sundays have just become exponentially better in my eyes!  This is an intervention, folks, so don't hold back.  Let me have it!  Oh, but to my dear Mr. Level-Headed, you are not invited to our little butt-kicking party.  Sorry!  Remember, we have a deal.  Life is much more pleasant for both of us when we don't work on home reno projects together and when you don't comment on my lack of self-discipline.  Right?  Love ya, babe!

  I know we can do this.  I am lacing up my sneakers, grabbing a toque, and running out the door.  You, my friend, must now leave me a butt-kicking message.  Come on!  It will be fun.  You can vent all your pent up frustration at me.  Think of all those times I have posted my cutesy little craft ideas, made you suffer from scrolling through a gazillion of my family photos just to read my annoying tee hee!  at the end, or have lead you to believe that life is nothing but bliss here, a ferry crossing away, when you know darn well my dishes are not done, I have not showered in a week, and my kids should be on the next episode of Feral Children.  I am utterly annoying, and you know you want to scream at me, so do it.  Don`t hold back; KICK MY BUTT!

Me, and my grand ideas . . . tee hee! I can almost feel Mr. Level-Headed shaking his head at this one.  :)


  1. Hmm, run and dictate to a mini recorder, and get an upload program to convert this to your blog, not sure that such a thing exists, but good idea for multi-tasking, love your blog, I need my butt kicked too to exercise -

    1. Awesome idea! I'll have to look into if such a thing exists. If not, I will have to find a tech geek to make one for me. You could be onto something. We'll share the rights. :)

  2. Only if you'll kick mine right back...'cause I haven't done any formal exercise in..umm....well....maybe years???? So yes, go! Run like the wind! And then tell us to get our butts in gear and do the same! :)