Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Pajama . . . Pyjama!

Operation "No Pneumonia" is in full effect today.

I have my bedside table filled with all the sickly essentials:  pills, catalogues, my current read, and the Sick Girl cocktail (1/3 orange juice, 2/3 water and ice, lots of ice).

I have my trusty companion by my side making sure that all my needs are being met.  Okay, so the last part was a bit of a stretch.

And I am wrapped in copious amounts of warm, feathered and fleeced blankets.  Just for the record, copious is my new favourite word, and yes, it does sound pretentious, but you are just going to have to grin and bear it until this phase passes.  And, yes, it will pass.  Trust me . . . I do not stick with anything, other than Mr. Level-Headed, for long.

Ahhhhhh . . . I can already feel myself getting better.

As for school today, I am envisioning a kinder, more gentler day of work.  One that will start off with the boys sleeping in.  Check!  Followed up by doing work alongside mom in bed and then being rewarded with Halloween candy for every assignment they complete.  It's the ultimate pajama day!

Who said being sick can't be enjoyable?

Oh, and so you can't say that reading my pitiful blog post was a major waste of time today, did you know that pajama can also be spelled pyjama?  Crazy, right?  I did not know this interesting tidbit of very important, but totally useless, information until my spell check highlighted pajama and offered the other variation.  I even googled it to make sure that I am not just in some highly-medicated delirium, and there it was.  Crazy!  Folks, my mind has been officially blown.  

So, whether you sleep in pajamas or pyjamas and are wishing that like us, here at Shenanigans Inc., you could be wearing your pajamas or pyjamas to work today, I hope you have a great one!   

tee hee!


  1. I'm home sick today! I drove the girls to school in my pyjamas and robe. I did wear boots instead of slippers. I am now back in bed with orange juice, coffee, and a book wondering if I can get better in time for my hair appointment! B the way, I don't think the word copious is the least bit pretentious-sounding. It's a great descriptive word and all the more effective for being under-used ...

    1. I hope you feel better soon, Kar. Parenting is tough enough without being sick. Hang in there! Oh, and thanks for your support of "copious"; it truly is an awesome word.