Monday, 11 March 2013

Back at 'er!

Well, we're up and at 'er . . . . . grrrrrrrrrrr!

No one is ever ready to bid farewell to a wonderful week off, but throw Daylight Savings Time in there, and you've got yourself one apocalyptic meltdown on your hands.  Zoe's began last night, as she was frantically trying to remember how one gets ready for the school week.  There was volleyball gear to find and pack, there was a speech she had to polish and try to memorise, and most importantly, there was the first-day-back-to-school outfit to lay out . . . eeek! I didn't think it was ever going to come together, but she managed it, and we all got some sleep.


But now I sit here and wait for the BIG one.  The meltdown to end all meltdowns, and the source of this meltdown will be none other than this guy:

Sure, he looks peaceful here: just a boy, his knife and a stick, but trust me, today will be anything but peaceful.  And I'm scared!

Me being taken hostage by Elliot in an epic gun battle that went down yesterday.

If I do not survive today, at least I will die knowing that my last week on earth was a good one.  I had plenty of opportunities to visit with family and friends, which consisted of drinking oodles and oodles of herbal tea, chowing down on yummy food, and having lots of heart-to-hearts.  Awesome!

I also read two books; one, of which, will go down in history as one of the best books I have ever read: The Paris Wife.  Loved it!  I am currently in mourning that it is over and have been unable to pick up another . . . ugh!  There is nothing harder than ending a good book.

I was also able to get away for a night with Mr. Level-Headed sans rugrats, and it was glorious! I love car trips and our entire six hour drive to Portland was spent talking and snacking.  I love that about Mr. Level-Headed and I; we are incredibly comfortable together and we can talk up a storm, but then when the conversation dies, which it inevitably does on the drive home, we can simply sit and enjoy the peace.  I am one lucky gal!

I also love the fact that he enjoys shopping and eating just as much as I do, and we spent our entire time in Portland traipsing through the mall trying to find all the things on Baby Girl's list and eating loads of yummy, gluten-free meals at restaurants.  I was shocked that all but one of the restaurants we went to had a gluten-free menu.  This trip was perfect!

Being able to send photos via text message is the best thing ever and it saved both Mr. Level-Headed and I from having our teenage daughter disown us.  The salespeople were laughing at us because we kept taking pictures of things we would find, texting them to Baby Girl, and waiting for her reply.  Can someone please tell her that she has the best parents ever? And the best part about our shopping adventure was finding a pair of  volleyball sneakers she liked for only $23.  Like I said, this trip was perfect!

And to top it all off, if I don't make it through today, at least I will die knowing that I am a published author.  How cool, insane, incredibly awesome, but oh-so very strange is that! If you haven't checked out my article, you can read it here

It's crazy where this thing called life will lead you if you just relax and enjoy the ride!

Anyhoo . . .

Happy Monday, and I really hope to be back at it tomorrow.

pray for me!

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