Friday, 15 March 2013

We Interrupt This Winter to Bring You Some Sunshine and Warm Temperatures!

Yesterday, after lunch, the boys and I pushed our school books aside and headed outdoors to enjoy the beautiful sunshine and spring-like temperatures.  March, you are such a tease!

First, the boys had to test out the trampoline to make sure the winter didn't damage it.

Next, we walked down to the river to check out the spring thaw.  It is so exciting to see pools of water where there was once only ice.  Oh, and the smells.  Standing on our favourite rock, I couldn't help but take in a deep breath and savour the the fresh, crisp smell of spring. Sometimes I wonder if I even breathe in the winter.

On our way back up the hill, the boys decided to check on the camp they had made in the woods last autumn.

The ground was so mucky!

They were ecstatic to find the teeter totter they had made was still working.  Country kids!

Being the beautiful afternoon that it was, none of us were ready to go in just yet so we grabbed Scout's leash and walked down the road to see what interesting things we could find.  Thanks to all the rain we had on Wednesday, all the nearby waterfalls were overflowing.  They were beautiful, and not to mention, noisy.  At one in particular, we couldn't hear each other talking over the sound of the rushing water.  Even though it was tremendously loud, it felt so peaceful.  Elliot and I didn't want to leave, but poor Avery was having a difficult time restraining Scout from chasing a couple of taunting chipmunks, and so after a little bit we decided to move on.

Our next stop was a local beach.  Since our beach was still pretty iced over, Scouty was unable to play in the water, which is his favourite pastime.  Luckily, this beach was open and he quickly got to work digging up rocks . . . tee hee!  He is such a funny dog.

He would have had a lot more fun if we had taken him off of his leash, but since there was still a few sheets of ice out there and this was right around the same time of year our previous dog, Sport, died after getting caught under the ice, the boys refused to listen to my pleas on Scout' behalf.   Nonetheless, he didn't seem to mind.  Scout is just happy being where ever there is water and his family.

Such a wise puppy.

Happy Friday!


  1. What fun adventures! Your dog is cute!! Thanks for sharing. You live in a beautiful place!

  2. Wow, such a cool post! Where do you live that you get this awesome springtime iciness awesomeness right now? Jealous! And so glad I found you via the Google+ group. YAY for that. :)

    1. Thanks, Kristi. We are in Atlantic Canada. During the winter, our river freezes solidly and people often walk across it, skate on it, or even drive their ATV's on it. We're pretty lucky! :)

  3. It's just SO beautiful! We live in NYC, because of my husband's work. I MISS the country. We don't get enough of it. I'm jealous, but I also felt like I was taken on a lovely walk with you. :)

    1. I'm always telling my husband that we need to move to a big city like NYC because there is nothing to do in the country. This brings to mind that story: "Country Mouse and City Mouse". :)