Thursday, 14 March 2013

The Tao of Elliot

Elliot is my most quotable child, and yesterday took the cake.  Initially, when he said it, I laughed, thinking to myself:

What a nut!
(in the most loving and affectionate manner possible)

But, what he said stuck with me throughout the day.  When Mr. Level-Headed and I woke up at 3am to a strange vibrating sound coming from my desk, which turned out to be nothing but Baby Girl's cell phone letting us know it was running out of batter power, I thought of it again.  Then sleep eluded me because I continued to think about it.

This boy may be onto something!

Now before I just blurt it out,  I must warn you this idea is not to be trifled with.  You should not simply think about it and brush it away with a chuckle as I initially did.  No, you need to allow this thought to meander through the hallways of your subconscious, take root in one of the deepest caverns of your mind, and blossom into something brilliant, which it will.  Trust me!  

Without further adieu, I present to you a most precious gem from the Taoism of Elliot:

How can I possible learn if you insist on teaching me the right way.
(said in response to some math instruction)

It's so bohemian, so unschooling-like, and so profound. 

Later that evening, after he dismissed my demonstration of the "right" way, Elliot decided to use his chopsticks like this. 
By golly, I think this boy has a little more Skov-Nielsen in him than we thought!

Happy Thursday!

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