Thursday, 21 March 2013

The Difference One Year Makes

Warning: This blog post is not for the faint of heart or the seasonally disgruntled.

Yesterday, was the first day of spring.  One would think that this would mean waking up to sunlight streaming through an open bedroom window and the sweet sound of birds chirping . . . wrong!  Instead we woke up to a dark, cold, blustery morning. The wind howled outside my bedroom window and rather than birds chirping, I heard the grinding sound of the snow plow driving past our house.  The only thing that made this day even remotely bearable was that enough snow had fallen through the night to make the powers that be cancel school . . . woohoo!  Baby Girl came up to our room and made the grand announcement, then we rolled over and fell back to sleep. I love snow days!

Sure, I really should not have been surprised about our first day of spring weather because I live in Canada, and in all honesty, it never really warms up here until at least June, but after last year's tropical temperatures, I guess I was hoping for more.  Tropical temperatures? For those of you don't remember what I am talking about read here or take a stroll through some pictures I took of the boys and I on MARCH 21, 2012.  Oh, and in case you forgot, it was  a whopping 34'C that day!

Here I am sporting a t-shirt, shorts and sunglasses:

Elliot doing a little fishing in our almost thawed out river:

Avery going for a little dip:

Avery doing his male model pose:

A rare photo of the bald eagle that lives in our backyard:

Since it was so warm, we had our first BBQ of the season:

and the boys did their school work out on the deck:


And now, let me present to you MARCH 20, 2013:

No fishing today:

This baby will definitely not be turned on for awhile:

No short and sunglasses needed here:

According to Avery, Mother Nature is throwing one gigantic hissy fit, and I would have to agree.

Happy Thursday!

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