Wednesday, 13 March 2013

The Many Stages of Soup

On Monday morning, Avery asked (more like begged) me to let them have the regular chicken noodle soup.  Not that home made gluten-free one.  I agreed.  Then he begged me to let him make it.

I got this, Mom!

So, I stepped aside and let my little chef take over.  He opened the can and poured the contents into a pot.  He filled the can with water and poured that into the pot.  Then he put the pot on the stove and dragged one of the kitchen stools over for him to perch on.  He turned the element on low and began stirring.

Stirring is my secret weapon.

Oh, really?  What does the stirring do.

It makes the soup taste better.



What is stage two?

That is when I can feel the heat from the stove on my hand.



And what is special about stage three?

Well, that is when my hand is warm and I can see some steam coming from the soup.

How many stages are there?


I see.

WE'VE REACHED STAGE FOUR! Time to serve the soup.

How do you know it is ready to serve?

Because it is now too hot for me to keep stirring.

Makes sense.

Avery took the pot off the stove and placed it on the counter.  Then he got out two bowls and scooped some soup into each.

Elliot, lunch is ready!

They sat at the table together and said a blessing over their food.  Then they dug in.

Oh, oh, oh!


This is the best soup I've ever had, Avery.

I know!  It is so salty and the noodles are so yummy!

What is your secret?

It's all in the stirring . . . .

tee hee!

I love being able to spend my days with these boys!

Stage two

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. cute!! I had no idea there was so many stages to making soup!