Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Sure Signs of Spring

Even though I woke up this morning to a light dusting of snow all over my lawn and flurries flying by my bedroom window, I have decided that, gosh darn, it is spring! With only four more sleeps until Easter, I have grown tired of winter and in spite of Mother Natures' unrelenting hold on this frosty season, I am pushing winter out the door and giving it a little kick for good measure.

Hit the road, Winter, and don't you come back no more, no more, no more, no more.

First, I decided to finally remove the once beautiful snowflakes that were hanging in our window.

So much better. Especially since the view includes our recently thawed out river in the background. Hello spring!

Then, the other day as the boys and I were leaving the grocery store, we noticed an elderly gentlemen selling daffodils for the Cancer Society.  This year we have had three very dear people to us diagnosed with cancer; therefore, we stopped and purchased some. Not to mention, I LOVE daffodils and for me, nothing says spring like blossoming daffodils.

Aren't they spectacular!

Now, although I am excited to roll in spring, I have to admit that I do not condone the next practise, but Avery was adamant that it is time and so I let him go for it. Yep, Avery decided that for his inaugural bike ride of the season, pants would not do and that he needed to be sporting shorts.  This kid is clearly crazy!

And, finally, last night as we made our way home from Zoe's volleyball game, which they won hands down, we opted not to get our favourite winter treat, a steamy cup of hot chocolate, and instead went straight to the DQ for blizzards.  They never disappoint!

Okay, so if  you are still doubting my powers of persuasion and their influence on the seasons, and you remain unconvinced that spring is just around the corner, then have no fear because I have undeniable proof that spring is in fact finally here.

Ta da!

Yes, this is none other than Scouty's most favourite Pooh Bear, who has just recently reappeared from his icy prison in the backyard. How can you argue with that face?


tee hee!

Happy spring!

Oh, and since today is the last day of school before the Easter break, I will not be checking back in here until next Tuesday.  Have a great Easter!

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