Friday, 5 August 2011

Are We Loving our Kids into Therapy?

It's Friday!

And that means I am busy preparing my home for about thirty soccer players, parents, and coaches to descend upon us for one wild ruckus.  Woohoo . . . End-of-Camp party at the Websters!

So, while I'm cleaning my toilets and vacuuming my floors (I know, my life is far too glamorous for simply one mere mortal to enjoy), I will be thinking about this article, How to Land your Kid in Therapy.  Read it!  Oh, and you'll have to excuse the F-bomb in the beginning. 

Let me know your thoughts, and I'll blog more about it next week.

Oh, and have no fear, here are the obligatory photos of my wee-Websters.

Pre-party preparations:

Clean, my little minions, clean!  Muwhahaha! 

They can thank me later for not landing them on a psychiatrist's coach . . . tee hee!

Happy reading and wish me luck!


  1. Very interesting article and video. I don't think I could put all my thoughts into a short comment. I feel like I want to get together in a group and discuss this topic.
    I do see where they are coming from, and was able to relate with it. I was very interested when they talked about the "Ta Da!" parenting in the video, and how we build up our kids so much that they don't know how to fail or make mistakes. In part it also reminded me of the movie 'Incredibles' when the mom says "Everybody is special Dash" and Dash replies, "That's just another way of saying nobody is special".
    One thing that they didn't bring up, but what is my opinion about the "Self-esteem" generation, is that we are trying so hard to give our kids good self-esteem, that we end up raising very self centered children. They have this sense of entitlement, and that everything is about them, that they don't know how to reach out and help/think about others.
    Those are some my thoughts, and I can't wait to hear yours Krista.

  2. Hey Jacquie, thanks for the comment - It's always nice hearing from new bloggers!

    About the teddy-bear hold (I heard this name somewhere, I'm not even sure if it's right, but I liked it, so I use it)...

    When a tantrum begins, I sit cross-legged on the floor and basically hold him in a backwards hug so he stays in my lap. I hold him with my arms, rock him, and talk to him "shhh shhh shhh, it's OK, Mommy's here, etc." It seems to be working...for now - he usually calms down within a few minutes and then we cuddle.

    Hope this might help.

    Cheers, Laura

  3. O.K. so I have some more thoughts...But first of all, where is everyone? I thought there would be a lot more comments, I know I have been thinking about this a lot lately.
    So I was wondering... how do we raise our kids so they don't end up in therapy? If trying too hard or not enough gets our kids into therapy, what are we parents supposed to do? Where is the balance? I think part of it has to do with letting go of our fears. Fear of seeing our kids getting hurt, fear of seeing our kids fail, fear of screwing them up. We need to trust more that our kids can be resilient, and learn and grow from the experience of growing up. We need to let them take some ownership in their own lives, and figure out who they are for them selves. If we always hold there hand, then they cannot truly enjoy the joys and heartbreak that life has to offer. You cannot know the joy, unless you also know sorrow.

  4. Tee hee! I love you, Jacquie! Yeah, I'm surprised too that others are not commenting, but that's okay. I am sure the two of us can make up for their loss of words . . . Ha, ha! Give me a couple of days to wrap my head around this article and then I'll post my thoughts. And trust me, I have a ton. Oh, and I think there's a comment here intended for you :)

  5. By the way, I used the "Teddy bear" hold a lot on my own temperamental toddler, who liked to bite when he was mad. Not mentioning any names, though . . . Cough, cough . . . Avery :)

  6. That's funny I posted a comment on another blog (Laura's), and her response ended up here! I wonder how that happened? Tee Hee. Thanks for the info Laura!