Wednesday, 3 August 2011

The Clock is Ticking . . .

Yesterday afternoon, the kids' piano teacher called to give us our time for the new school year.

I nearly passed out!

What I thought was well off into the distance, was simply one page flick of the calendar away.

The new school year.


How did this happen?  It can't be August already.  We still have so much to do and see.  There's a camping trip to spring upon poor, unexpecting Mr. Level-Headed, a trip to the drive-in, and a visit with our two favourite saints: St. Andrews and St. Martin's.  Oh, and not to mention our summer favourites: beach days and bonfires. 

Unfortunately, this week is a write-off because the kids are in soccer camp and, although I thought this would be a wonderful midsummer break for me, all it has done is confirmed that I am not ready for our summer to end.  I hate not having the kids around!  They add colour to my days, and without them it is far too lonely and quiet. 

I want to keep them here with me forever.

I want to keep their quirky jokes, their silly antics, and their bright, smiley faces all to myself.

Wouldn't you?

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  1. I feel the same way (and I don't even have kids!) I have been spending the summer with my friend's 3 amazing kiddos, and I can't imagine my days without them. And as a teacher, I always have a love/hate relationship with back to school anyway... All the more reason to make the most of every minute!