Thursday, 4 August 2011

My Daddy Rides a Harley

That's right.

Papa Skov got himself a Harley yesterday, and my kids are off-the-wall excited!

Truth be told, Papa Skov is pretty excited as well.

Avery's first concern after he heard the news was: "is Grampy going to be a good biker or a bad biker?".   Well, Grampy does love to watch "Sons of Anarchy" and with his black belt in karate, he could do some damage. I guess we'll just have to wait and see which patches are sewn on the jacket . . . tee hee!  

What do you think?

 Upon hearing the news, Elliot, who has spent the entire summer drooling over his friends' dirt bikes, exclaimed: "this makes him like the coolest Grampy ever!", and "do you think he will give it to me when I'm 16?".   This can't be good!

What is it with men folk when they get around loud engines and shiny chrome?  You can almost hear them grunting like Tim-the-Tool-Man.

Okay, maybe that was more pirate than chrome junkie, but you know what I'm talking about.

First they adopt the hands-in pockets, scrutiny stance.

They go for the walk about.

Then they move in for a closer inspection.

And after everything has been inspected, they ask to try it out for themselves.

But, first, you need to put on some cool shades and your best tough guy impression.

 Now, you're ready to ride a Harley.

Elliot chose safety over coolness.  He is such a wise boy!

But, he looks far too comfortable up there for my liking.

Even Zoe couldn't resist.

Give that girl a bikini and she's ready for a calendar . . . tee hee!

Sorry Mr. Level-Headed.  Too much?

Later that day, when I took the kids over to my parents' place for their movie night with Grampy, the Harley was parked in the driveway, and Avery gasped: "Mom, she really is beautiful!". 

And thus begins my boys' love affair with Harley Davidson.

Thankfully, they won't be able to afford one until they are Grampy's age, and by then, I will be long gone or so senile I won't have to worry.

I am in sooo much trouble!  Thanks, dad . . .


  1. You are surely in trouble!!!

  2. Oh yaaaa! My Pop's rides a motorbike too & rode it from Ontario thru Maine etc & up into NB for a visit! His longest trip yet!
    Although he is a BMW man...

  3. I love how excited your boys are! Tell them that if they ever come our here for a visit that Tanner's grandpa has little dirt bikes that they could ride....or maybe you don't want to tell them that. :) My sister just bought a harley...yup that's right my sister. I am not as cool as her. hehe

  4. It’s pretty clear that they’ve all fallen in love with that awesome motorcycle! And I do like the fact that Elliott went with the helmet over the sunglasses. As they say: safety first! And don’t worry, I don’t think he’ll be riding anything other than the school bus anytime soon. Anyway, I think your father would be a good biker. Just remind him to keep it cool while on the road, and not to try anything drastic or dangerous. When he’s hanging out in those bars where the bikers stay, he can handle himself well enough. :)