Friday, 26 August 2011

Toy Store Mayhem

All summer long, Avery has been saving his allowance and offering to do odd jobs around the house to earn some extra cash so he could go to Toys R' Us and buy any toy he wanted.  He was obsessed!  Each week, he pored over the flyer's and took note of what toys were in his top ten favourites.  He counted his money daily, and he was quick to pick up every stray coin he found.  On Tuesday, when I was cleaning my room, I found a huge tin of coins and told the kids that whoever rolled it could keep it.  Zoe and Elliot were engrossed with something on television and couldn't be bothered with some piddly change, but Avery jumped at the opportunity.  $23 dollars later, he was giddy and the older kids were kicking themselves.  It was time to go shopping!

And he couldn't have been happier.

But what to choose? 

 It only took moments after walking into the store for his carefully crafted wish list to fall apart.  He walked up and down the aisles being coached by his older, and very envious brother, who is terrible with money and, therefore, always broke. 

Check out this sale:

Just when I thought he had finally made up his mind, he would turn and say "I know what I am getting!" and bolt for the other side of the store.  This happened at least ten times before I realized that my little fellow was on the verge of a nervous breakdown.  It was as if his eternal happiness rested upon this very choice, and it was too much for him to bear. 

Finally, much to Elliot's dismay, he decided to buy a poster of the Biebs.

This small purchase seemed to ease his tension and get the ball rolling.

Then he quickly grabbed some Phinneus and Ferb figurines:

But wait . . . something was calling out to him from across the store, and in a blink of an eye, the action figures were discarded and he was off to bigger and brighter possibilities.

A flying helicopter!! Okay, that is pretty cool.

He marched up to the check out, grabbed some batteries on the way, and paid for his purchase.  Now, you are probably waiting for me to insert a touching reflection  here on watching my baby grow up and the value of hard work and perseverance, but nope.  I've got nothing!  After making what felt like a gazillion sprints throughout the aisles, while narrowly avoiding the pools of kid drool that accumulate throughout the day in front of the most coveted toys, I was drained of all my warm fuzzies. 

Yeah, yeah . . . you bought a toy.   Fine, I will take one more picture.

But wait . . . what is that toy over there?  NOOOOOO!

tee hee

It is so hard being a kid in a toy store.


  1. I just happened to stumble on your blog through a Twitter friend. I enjoyed your story about the kids in the toy store!

  2. Thanks, Misty! It was a big day for him, and I am happy to report that the helicopter is still flying, much to our puppy's fear and anguish . . . Tee hee!