Monday, 15 August 2011

Backyard Camp Out

After an awesome day at the beach on Friday, the kids and I headed home for a backyard camp out.   Zoe's friend, Emily, joined us, and she fit right in here at Shenanigans Inc.

We kicked off the evening by roasting hotdogs over the fire.  There truly is nothing better than a roasted hotdog on a hot summer evening!

Checking to see if it's "just right"!

And no, both of these dogs are not for me. 
Avery found the fire too hot to continue roasting.

 Then we moved onto dessert, which can mean only one thing around a camp fire:


Emily taking a bite into her first Smore.  Can you believe that?
She is now hooked.
We decided to make our Smores extra-extraordinary by using pieces of a Caramilk bar.  BEST IDEA EVER!

He's such a clown!

You just can't go wrong with chocolate, marshmallow and caramel.  My mouth still waters when I think about them . . . mmmm!

Then the sun went down . . .

and the party kicked into high gear.

Emily attempted to teach my uncoordinated bunch a few dance moves,

and then we played a RIDICULOUS game of charades. 

 "No, I am not a frog.  I'm a statue of a frog."  Ugh!

Eventually, the girls grew tired of our silly jokes and antics so they returned to the house to complete their Super Mario Brothers tournament, and the boys and I retired to the tent.

I love sleeping in a tent.  Although it is not the most comfortable place to sleep, I find you sleep so soundly amongst the cool, evening air.

A slight slope, wouldn't you say?

I think the boys sleeping bags slid off them throughout the night . . . tee hee!

Camp fire antics + roasted hotdogs + Smores + tenting = one perfect summer evening!

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