Monday, 22 August 2011

A Fond Farewell

You have reached 4 Websters and a Skov; unfortunately, we cannot come to the phone right now as we are probably busy with one of the following: sleeping, watching movies, playing soccer, making Smores, playing charades around the bonfire, or frolicking on the beach.  We will be back in September!  

It has finally hit . . .

I am done with summer.

Waking up this morning to the cool breeze and a general lack of stickiness, made me long for fall and all the wonderful things that come with September:  new shoes, new books, sunny days with large, puffy white clouds speedily blowing by, and a house that doesn't need to be wrung out from all the humidity.  Mostly, though, I am excited for a new schedule.  I try very hard to institute a schedule each summer, as you already know, but it never works out because it goes against everything that summer stands for:  late nights by the bonfire, and lazy days in the sun and sand.  The house doesn't get cleaned, meals are thrown together haphazardly, and every day brings a new surprise.  In the beginning, this fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants, carefree attitude is invigorating!  I love not having to get up at a certain time, not having to wrestle the kids into bed, and not having to do anything that even remotely reeks of responsibility, but then something snaps and I suddenly wake up from my sun-induced revelry.  Panic strikes.  WE HAVE ONLY TWO WEEKS LEFT BEFORE SCHOOL!  For some, this means it is time to kick it into high gear and make the most of what is left of the summer sun (I crack myself up . . . this should read summer fog), but for me, it means it is time to slowly institute some order back into our lives, to reintroduce my kids to their alarm clocks and to their books, to wash the sand out of our bedsheets, and to put everything back to its rightful place.

Summer, I love when you come to visit.  I love how your hot sun kisses my kids' skin and turns them golden, brown, how your long days welcome us outside to enjoy the magnificence that surrounds us, and how your leisurely demeanour encourages us to bask in the simple pleasures of life and to enjoy those we have to share it with.  Thank you, again, for this refreshing break from the ordinary, but alas, my ol' friend responsibility is calling and she is tired of being sent directly to voicemail  . . . 

The 4 Websters are especially happy that September is just around the corner because with it comes FOOTBALL!

Let's go Patriots!
What do you love about the Fall?

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  1. When I was I kid I hated fall, it was my least favourite season. But then again, falls in Southern Alberta are cold, and snowy (any precipitation after Sept. is snow, ugh!). But since we have moved to the Maritimes it has become my favourite season. I love going for drives in the Peninsula and seeing the fall colours, Apple picking, and Pumpkins. I love the feeling when you are wrapped up in a warm sweater, and can feel the cool air on you face, it is such a comforting feeling.