Friday, 19 August 2011

A Shameless Plea

It's Friday!

And that means it's date night, but, unfortunately, here at Shenanigans Inc. the date night fund took a beating this week.  Curriculum had to be bought, not one but two windshields had to be replaced (gotta love those rural highways of Kingston), and fall activities like soccer and piano had to be saved up for . . . pout, pout.

So, I have come up with an ingenious plan to ensure this tragedy never happens again.  I have decided to beg for freebies from those of you, whom I know and love, that own and operate some of the fine establishments in our area in exchange for advertisement here on my blog.  A little I scratch your back and you scratch mine never hurt anyone.  Awesome idea . . . right? Oh, come on, humour me!

Let's go!

  • Now before you go out on a date, you want to be smelling your best, and instead of grabbing the old bar of Dove found on your shower ledge, I suggest you try my friend, Melissa's, homemade soap.  It is amazing and comes in super yummy scents like root beer float and black licorice.  I mean it, they smell so good my puppy tries to eat them.  You can find Melissa's shop, The Hampton Soap Co. at the Kingston Market each Saturday morning, and as an added treat, this Saturday, my baby girl will be working Melissa's table for her.  How exciting is that?  You get scrumptious bars of soap plus a chance to chat with the uber-cool Ms. Zoe Webster.  

  • If you are like me, your wardrobe is probably becoming a little drab and worn-out looking, and, since it is date night, you need to spice it up a little with some beautiful jewellery.  It just so happens that my friend, Darling Dilemma, sells splendid jewellery on her etsy shop and is currently having a sale plus a contest, where you have a chance to win a customized necklace from her collection.  I love jewellery, but I love free jewellery even better, and this plug has nothing to do with the fact that if I blog about her contest then I get my name in twice for her draw.  Nothing at all . . . wink, wink.  Check out her blog here to get all the details.  This is one of my favourite pieces from her collection:

  • Now that you are all dressed and smelling good, it's time to paint the town red (Rule #1 for all writers:  never use tired, worn-out cliches, but it's Friday and my brain is a little soggy from all this fog . . . sorry).  My ideal date night involves dinner and a movie, and I love to go to the Bourbon Quarter, which is owned and operated by my long-time friend, Shawn, and his family.  This is a fantabulous restaurant located on Prince William Street, and you have to try it out . . . wink, wink, nudge, nudge . . . can you see the possibilities, Shawn?  You give me free food, and I put embarrassing photos of me eating your very messy but ever-so delicious chicken wings right here on the ol' blogspot and rave about how yummy they taste.  See?  In all seriousness, though, the food is scrum-dillicious and the atmosphere is perfect for a quiet date for two.  Get out there and try it, and, oh, make sure you tell them at the door that Shenanigans Inc. sent you so that Shawn can see the unlimited potential of our innocent business venture.

  • Once your belly is full, it is time to head over to Empire Theatres for a movie . . . wink, wink.  Anyone out there work for Empire Theatres because I could really use some free movie passes. I know they say that a movie is not an ideal date because you sit for two or more hours staring at a screen not talking to your companion, but come on, after twenty years, Mr. Level-Headed and I no longer need to communicate.  In fact, we have been together so long we can now communicate telepathically . . . tee hee!  Seriously, though, if you are looking for a good movie this weekend for your own date night, you need to see The Help.  I saw it on Wednesday night with some girlfriends and I loved it, which is something because I usually loathe movie adaptations of my favourite books, but this one is awesome!  Oh, but make sure you take some kleenex because you will cry, not the ugly cry, but you will definitely cry. 

There you have it.  My shameless plea for a free date night with my hubby.  Any takers?

Oh, and so as not to leave out any of you who may not be associated with the fine establishments I have mentioned, you could always hire my husband to help you buy a new house.  Look around!  You know you want something bigger.  You know that your kitchen no longer works for you, and you just don't have the energy for renovations.  Right?  Give him a call, he will gladly get you out of that dump you are currently living in.

tee hee! 

Have a great weekend!

By the way, if you are looking Mr. Level-Headed and I tonight we will be taking our adorable puppy on a romantic, but very cheap, hike; that is, unless my shameless plea tugs on the heartstrings of my very generous friends . . . wink, wink.


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