Tuesday, 26 July 2011

And then there were two . . .

The big news around Shenanigans Inc. this week is that this guy is off to camp!

Skateboarding camp!

How much fun is that?

Judging from how exhausted he was last night after I picked him up, I'm guessing it was a whole lot of fun.

There was skateboarding, a game of Fishes and Whales, and water balloon fights.  What more could a ten year old boy ask for? 

But, while Elliot was playing Tony Hawk all day, this little guy was lost.

From the mama's point of view, it was an awesome day because, as many of you already know, all it takes is the removal of just one sibling and the angels begin to herald.  It was bliss!  Especially when that sibling is the high maintenance one who has difficulty entertaining himself for anything longer than ten minute intervals, but rest assured mama still loves ya, baby!  In fact, the morning went so smoothly I was actually able to vacuum, mop and clean a bathroom, three chores which I am ashamed to admit have played second fiddle to beach days and other summer adventures.  Please don't judge me . . . .

The day started out great!  Zoe and Avery headed to Lego city and I didn't hear a peep from them for at least two hours.  They were so caught up in playing and building they forgot all about the obligatory teasing, wrestling, and practical joking which typically fill our summer days.  Sorry, Elliot, but it doesn't look good for you.  Coincidence?  I am beginning to think not . . . tee hee!  It was almost creepy. But, then I heard a little squeal.  "Mom, I found Elliot's Lego man!  He is going to be so excited!", and the spell was broken.  From then on, I was followed around with forlorn looks of desperation, "when Elliot is coming home?" or "how many more minutes?".  Avery had lost his partner and crime, and things began to look bleak.

Mama, being the wise and wonderful woman she is, took the wee-est Webster down to our beach to cool off and to brighten his day.  I envisioned the two of us splashing, swimming, and laughing so much that the void in his heart would heal over.  How does that saying go?  The road to H-E- double hockey sticks is paved with good intentions?  Something like that.   Confession:  I know I said yestereday that we moms need to spend less time being spectators and more time being participants, but you really shouldn't listen to me.  Seriously, I'm not playing with a full deck!  Being a specatator is perfectly fine, especially when seaweed is involved. Another confession: I don't love anyone enough to swim in that stuff . . . tee hee!

Yuck!  But it didn't stop these two . . .

All was going well until Scouty kicked it into lifeguard mode and harrassed Avery each time he tempted to go for a swim. 

"My work here is done."

But, oh, how this makes Avery mad! 

Which then lead to a game of "Oh, look I'm swimming  . . .

 . . . and, now I'm standing!"

It must be some strange canine instinct because the minute Avery lifted his feet off the bottom of the river, Scout would rush into the water, but then would stop dead in his tracks as soon as Avery stood up again. It was hilarious and it entertained them forever! 

All good things must come to an end, though, and thanks to an aggressive horsefly who would not leave Avery alone, our beach excursion ended sooner than I had hoped.

Shoo, fly, shoo!
Well, I tried!  As for the hole in his heart, it was immediately mended as soon as Elliot walked through the door.  There were hugs, cheers, and stories shared.  Avery proudly returned his Lego man and they headed down to the basement. 

"MOM!  Elliot punched me! . . . Avery called me a loser!"

How many hours till Elliot returns to camp?

Tee hee!


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