Tuesday, 12 July 2011

It Is So Worth It!

There are many days when I question why I do it:

when I feel under-qualified to do the job,

when I feel too busy to take on the additional load,

when I feel frustrated with those people sitting on the sidelines just waiting for me to mess up,

or when those people do call me on my mistakes and are, oh, so very excited to do so. 

But, then there are days like yesterday

when there is no other place I would rather be,

when I am standing on the sidelines,

cheering on my lil' ducklings and watching them taste success.

It is moments like this when I think it is all worth it,

every sacrifice I make to be here with them is worth it,

and I want to shout out: "Yes, this is my team, and yes, I am their coach!".

If you haven't guessed yet, my soccer team won their first game last night.  They are a great bunch of kids, and their win was a long-time coming so once the ref blew the whistle to call the game to an end, they lost it.  They piled on the goalie, they jumped on one another, they squealed, and they doused one another with water.  You would have sworn they had just won a national championship!  But, in their minds they had, and I wasn't going to tell them any different.

Oh, and do you recognize this girl?

Well, she scored on a free kick in the last minute of play.

It was beautiful! 

The other team had set up a wall, but she shot that ball up over their heads and into the top, right hand corner of the net.  The goalie didn't stand a chance.  Like I said before, it was beautiful!

 So, the next time I feel ready to throw the towel in and call my coaching career quits, I will look at this face and remember that it is all worth it!  Every practice, every email, every disgruntled parent, and every meeting is worth it if I can stand on the sidelines and shout "yes, that is my girl, and yes, I may be her coach, but I am also her mama!".

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