Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Playing with Fire

After our shenanigans at the zoo and mini-putt, we headed home for our annual "school work" bonfire and fireworks show.  This is what the kids had been waiting for ALL year.  One of the best things about our new home on the river is every Canada Day fireworks are set off up and down the river and we get to watch all of them.  It is so exciting!

First, the menfolk got busy building the fire.

What was I doing at this time, you ask?  Well, I was doing the most important job of all, making sure our marshmallows were fresh:

It's a difficult job, but someones got to do it!

With the fire burning and the marshmallows tested, it was time for the kids to hunt for some roasting sticks.

Here's pa whittling the sticks.

Then the "burn" began!

It was all very Lord of the Flies-ish, especially when the boys ripped off their shirts and proceeded to dance around the fire.  Thankfully, they haven't read the book because the next thing to follow would have been the sacrifice of Piggy.  Poor Piggy!

In true Webster family fashion, up next came the Roasted Marshmallow contest (remember: nothing says family fun like some good-natured competition):

And the winner was . . . .


Now that the hard work was over, he could finally enjoy the fruits of his labour:

He is so cute!

Oh, and he was looking REALLY cute this day in his collared, orange t-shirt.  I couldn't stop putting the love to him or taking his picture.  Look at him, though:


Once the sun went down, it was firework time!  Now, before I show you the next pictures, I must warn you:  please do not judge me!  I know that I may seem very laissez-faire about rules and safety, particularly after the whole "supervise children at all times" incident (read  this if you need a reminder), but I really would not allow my children to play with fire.  It only looks like I did in these pictures.  I swear they were only using sparklers.

Cool, eh?  (I had to make a little tribute to Canada somewhere in this post)

We like to call the next photo "Dueling Wizards"!

I really do not know why the photos came out like this, but if you have the answer, I would love to hear it.  I was using the ISO setting if that helps.

Finally, it was time for us to shoot off our own fireworks.

The only member of our family who was not enjoying our evening of fireworks was poor Scouty.  He had cocooned himself on Zoe's lap the whole time (look closely and you can see his paw sticking out of the arm of her chair)

She is such a good mama!

All in all, I think we had a pretty fantabulous Canada Day! 

Obscene monkeys, mild displays of anarchy, book burnings, and dueling with fire:  this is what it means to be a Canadian, and we are proud of it!

Tee hee!


  1. Elliot did NOT win the marshmallow contest I did. You old people and your bad memory.

  2. Ahhh, the Webster family is not known for losing graciously . . . Tee hee! It's okay, Webby, we still love you anyway.

  3. I believe I finished Elliot's marshmallow for him and Zoe gave up because of the perfect colour and texture of Elliot's(with help from dad)marshmallow

  4. Remind me to never toast marshmallows with the Websters.....ha,ha!

  5. It is very serious business, Hilary. Perhaps when you come home we'll have a bonfire and a game of Monopoly . . . Tee hee!