Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Cookies Cure Everything

At 9:04 am I heard the first, "When is Elliot coming home?", and that was enough to kick me into high gear.  The night before I planned a playdate for Avery with one of his buddies from our church, but we still had three hours before we left.  In the words of Avery, "3 HOURS!  That's literally like my entire life!". 

Avery's new favourite word is literally and it makes me giggle every time I hear him say it.  It's such a grown up word for such a little guy, nonetheless he uses it all the time.  I literally fell off my chair . . . Literally, my heart stopped . . . and so on and so on, but the funniest time was the other day after we came up from the beach.   After he had said it, he turned to me and said, "don't you like my L-sound when I say literally" . . . tee hee!  We have been working with a speech therapist to help Avery out with a couple of his consonant sounds, and L is one of them.  Usually the words we practice are lion, lake, lollipop and other kid-friendly words, but I guess Avery came up with a better one . . . tee hee!  

Anyhoo, so how was I going to entertain him for three hours?


Zoe is the queen of chocolate chip cookies so she took right over, while I ran around and completed a few odd jobs.  She is also a task master so Avery didn't even have an opportunity to voice a complaint. She put him right to work.  That girl is going to be such a great mama someday!

After they mixed the eggs, sugar and vanilla, Zoe collected all the dry ingredients.  When we had our cat, who by the way was named Princess Kitty and was the WORST cat on the planet, I would buy the heavy duty plastic containers of kitty litter.  Well, one day as I was about to recycle the container, I thought it would make an excellent storage bin for my flour.  This grosses my sister out to the extreme, but I washed it out really well and, presto, it was awesome!  Well, I guess Avery had never seen my container because when Zoe pulled out our "Kitty Litter Flour", Avery looked at her in horror and asked "what are you doing with the cat poop stuff?".  Without even blinking an eye, Zoe responds: "Oh, this?  This is our secret ingredient" . . . tee hee!  I thought he was going to puke right there on the spot.  It was hilarious!  I am always proud of Zoe, but at that moment I was beaming.  She truly is going to be a great mama!

Here is Scouty using his ol' Jedi mind-tricks again. "Drop the cookie . . . . drop the cookie!"


Avery was the official taste-tester and as soon as we were given the okay, Zoe and I descended like a pack of starving vultures. We really are pathetic, especially when it comes to cookies.

Well, now I'm off to wake up Elliot for day #3 of camp, and to prepare our traditional morning-after breakfast of cookies and milk.  Mmmmm!  Cookies are perfect all times of day!  Don't you think?

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  1. I make peanut butter cookies frequently to ease my guilt of eating massive quanitities of them... I mean they are almost entirely peanut butter & thats good for you - right?????