Thursday, 28 July 2011

Meet George

This is George.

My parents recently decided to get another cat.  Well, I say "parents", but really it was my mom and my dad just gave in . . . tee hee!  Does anyone else's household work like that?  Sorry, boys, but us girls just like to have our own way.

On Tuesday, when my siblings travelled to the Animal Rescue League to pick out their furry bundle of joy, my mom called to tell us they only had boy kitties left so she needed to choose a new name because Gladys just wasn't going to work for him.  As we sat down to supper, I shared this tidbit of information with the fam, and immediately the name-game began.  Avery emphatically announced that his name was George-George, and rather than take his chances, he called Grammie right away before his older siblings could say otherwise.  Much to his shock and delight, Grammie agreed, but suggested a shortened version might be easier for the kitty to remember.  Those grammies are so smart! 

Yesterday, as Elliot was off to camp and Zoe was  hanging out with a friend, Avery and I went on a mommy-Avery date because he needed to buy George a present with his own money. 

First stop, MacDonald's . . .

to pick up the highly coveted light saber.  The State of New York is clearly onto something.

Next stop, the library . . .

Too heavy, mom . . . arms about to break!
where we stocked up on another 3 weeks worth of books.  Avery and I LOVE the library.  The older kids not so much :(

And, finally, we arrived at the Dollar Store . . .

where Avery was shocked to learn he could pick up eight kitty balls for only $1.  "This store is awesome, mom!". 

With gift in hand, we were now ready to pick up the other wee Websters and head over to meet George.

The kids were bouncing in the car the whole way there.

As excited as he was, Avery did not want to hold George.  He was a little timid of his kitty craziness, and according to Avery, I traumatized him when I put George up close to his face.  "Dad, it was so freaky!  He came at me with this huge mouth and I thought he was going to eat me".  Yes, he is so terrifying . . .

I shouldn't tease him, though, since Avery's fear is the only thing saving us from being harassed to get a kitty of our own.  And that is especially lucky for Mr. Level-Headed, who really does not like cats, and who, as we all know, really wouldn't have a say in the matter . . . 

tee hee! 

I know, boys, it really isn't funny how we treat you.


  1. When I was young, my aunt and uncle had a cat named "Puss Puss" (my brother was a preschooler at the time and his "u" sounded a lot like an "i"....) I think George is a great name for a cat - good choice, Avery!

  2. Ha, ha! That's awesome laundryontheline, aka my good ol' buddy from TCS. I didn't realize it was you until I was looking at your garden tour pictures the other day, and I was like "gee, that house is awfully familiar" . . . Tee hee! Now, were blog pals too :)