Wednesday, 13 July 2011

How Does Your Garden Grow?

 Do you know what this is?

Well, besides one devilishly handsome man trying to enjoy his supper, while his slightly neurotic wife takes photos of him. 

Come on . . . take a guess!

That's right!  This is Mr. Level-Headed enjoying his first home-grown veggie from "Krista's Garden".   Oh yeah!  I can grow things!  I can grow things!

And you know what that means . . .


(See here if you really have no idea what I am talking about or simply need a reminder)

I actually did it.  I actually stuck with my project and produced nourishment for my family.  This is huge for me.  There is no end to what I can do now.  First, I grow lettuce and next I will take over the world . . . . muhahahaha! (evil laugh)  oops . . . perhaps I shouldn't let anyone in on this part of "the vision" . . . ha, ha!

In all seriousness, though, I am really enjoying my garden.  I love to watch it grow, to weed it, and to water it.  It is a great escape!  Whenever the piercing squeals of my darling munchkins become too much for my tender ears to bear, I simply put on my galoshes and tell the kids: "mama's heading out to the garden". It's perfect because they know if they even think to come out and find me that I will put them right to work so I am guaranteed at least a good hour to soak up some sun and contemplate even more grand ideas.

My biggest source of happiness these days is watching my two broccoli plants thrive.

In the beginning they looked like this.  They were the only two broccoli seedlings to survive transplant day, and even then it looked like they would need a miracle to make it.

Over the past two months I have treated these plants better than my own kids (tee hee! . . . just kidding. Please don't call Social Services on me), and look at them now.  They are big and beautiful!

I will lose my mind if these plants actually produce broccoli for my family to eat.  I will not be able to contain my excitement, and then there will be no living with me. I will be a master gardener, a master of all things and I will let everyone know it . . . tee hee! (Here is where my siblings shout: "but she already does this!")

These are my tomato plants.  They started out like this:

and have become this:

Here are my pumpkin and zucchini plants:

And my corn, which I later learned will probably not grow because I put it in a singular row.  Since learning this little tidbit of highly important information, I have planted a few more rows of corn, but I don't know if it will work.  Please pray for us . . . I  know I am!

My peas and beans, which seem to grow more and more each day:

And finally, my cucumbers and carrots, which of all the plants seem to be taking their time to grow. 

There you have it . . . Krista's Garden in full bloom!  Did you ever think I would get this far?  I know Mr. Level-Headed didn't, and in all honesty, I am a bit shocked myself.

But, oh, it feels good!


  1. You go girl! I feel I should warn you that the worms/bugs on the broccoli are exactly the same color as the broccoli itself. It was disturbing to learn this after our first and last feeding of our own broccoli. Bon appetit! Tina

  2. Good to know, Tina. All I can say is "Gross!".

  3. Your garden looks great! A few tips we've learned from experience: the broccoli tastes better after the first frost and is worth waiting for (it's bitter before, and the best you've ever eaten afterwards.) And yes, the worms are green, but you'll know if you have them (there will be holes in your leaves.) We've always grown corn in a single row and always had something to harvest, so you should be ok (although prayers certainly never hurt!) :) A few friends and I are sharing our garden journey on a Facebook page (so far it's mostly my own pics...) I'd love for you to join us!!/pages/How-Does-Your-Garden-Grow/198008456908943?sk=wall

  4. Thanks, laundryontheline, for the words of encouragement. I will definitely join your facebook group. It would be great to chat with other gardeners. I hope you enjoy my blog, and I will definitely be checking into yours.