Monday, 4 July 2011

Mix in One Part Mormon, Two Parts Amish, and a Whole Lot of Monkey!

We had a blast on Canada Day! 

It was wonderful to have an entire day with no plans and my hubby home to share it with us.

Even though we had a few invitations to join some friends and family for their Canada Day festivities, we decided to stick together and make our own fun.  In fact, our day was so jam packed with shenanigans that I have to post it over a couple of days.

Our first stop on the Canada Day Express?

The Zoo.

Initially, I had wanted to take the family for a hike on the trails in St. Martin's, but the kids were not having any of that nonsense.  "Walking around, looking at a bunch of trees" did not appeal to them so, being the good mama that I am, I relinquished control and we headed to the zoo. 

Where you could see wild, exotic animals like this bunch of monkeys.

One of them even knew how to do the moonwalk!

I hate to admit that someone else's idea was better than mine, but this turned out to be a really great time.  It was one of those rare occasions where everyone was content.  Perhaps I should listen to the munchkins more often. 

Just when things were going so well, we had to make a stop at the monkey cages.   

On our tour through the zoo, there were a couple of Amish families that we kept running into.  Unlike my brood of over-excited, carbonated-beverage drinking ruffians, they were peacefully taking in the surrounding sights and sounds.  After Avery had scrutinized their actions for quite some time, he came up to me and said: "they are the quietest people I have ever seen".   My poor boy was in shock because here in the land of Shenanigans Inc., where squeals and screeches abound, the whisper is a foreign concept.  It is an art that no one in my family, outside of Mr. Level-Headed, has mastered, and after what happened next, it is one I have vowed to work on.

It almost sounds like a bad joke: what do you get when you have one Mormon family and two Amish families standing around the monkey cage? 

Well, I'll tell you what you get:

Two Amish families making a speedy getaway and one Mormon mama standing aghast with a crimson face while the wee-est Mormon munchkin squeals: "He's pulling on his ______!  He's pulling on his ______!"

I am pretty confident that you can fill in the blanks here.  Oh, but you must pretend that you are a seven year old boy with an affinity for hot dogs and the use of all its slang derivatives.

I don't know what was funnier:  that moment or the moment later when Avery exclaimed "Man, I love that monkey!"  Tee hee!

So much better than looking at a bunch of trees, right?

Our next stop?


I don't know if you have heard, but my family LOVES games, and nothing says family-fun like some healthy competition between family members.

Elliot doing the "Hole-in-One" dance!

 Here we are waiting for Zoe to tally up our scores:

Zoe announcing the winner:

Drum roll please.  "And the winner is . . . ."


With me trailing by only 2 points.  Ugh!  He's lucky I love him so much. 

Then, because no outing with 4 Websters and a Skov is ever complete without a little shenanigans:

What?!  I was watching him!!

Tee hee!

What would we ever do without the wee-est Webster?  He sure makes life comical!

Thank heavens the Amish families were not looking!

Tune in tomorrow for the rest of the story.


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